Design Services Provided

IoT Design Services


Embien has proven experience designing devices for IoT, Wearable and M2M applications with features like BLE, WiFi, sensors, coin cell powered, space/power optimized along with our SkyCase IoT application platform with app store

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Android/Linux/WinCE Development Services


Fast Boot time and Less Power Consumption are the value additions to the ports offered by our Android/Linux/WinCE Development team with many years of OS porting and driver development experience on different hardware platforms

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Industrial Automation Services


Embien Technologies has focus on Industrial Automation segment with expertise including developing industrial network protocols, remote data acquisition, M2M connectivity, PLC/SCADA interfaces, devices for Internet of Things(IoT), HMI's, etc

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Embien also offers many ready-to-use solutions for various application areas. Some of them include

Skycase Cloud for IoT

SkyCase - Cloud framework for IoT Applications

SkyCase is a cloud based offering from Embien that enables connected devices to be quickly configured, sensor data acquired and presented with intelligent dashboard. Also available for visualization over mobile applications. Backed up by a secure data center at affordable pricing options.
SkyCase IoT Framework
WinCE BSPs for ARM platforms

WinCE BSP's - Real Time Windows OS for Embedded Systems

Windows Embedded Compact (WinCE) BSP's are available for some of the popular platforms like Freescale Vybrid VF610 Tower Kit and Allwinner A20 processor boards. These production quality BSP's reduce the time to market for demanding segments like medical, automotive etc.
Windows Embedded Compact BSPs
eStorm-L1 ARM Platform

eStorm L1 - Freescale Kinetis KL25 Based mbed-enabled Design

Powered by ARM Cortex-M0+ microcontroller running at 48MHz with USB, GSM/GPRS and Analog/Digital IOs. Thoughtful industrial-grade enclosure ready design with major functionalities integrated for immediate deployment. Suitable for applications like GPRS gateway, IoT, M2M etc
eStorm-L1 - Freescale KL25 based Industrial Platform
eStorm-C1 ARM Platform

eStorm C1 - NXP LPC1768/LPC1769 Based mbed-enabled Design

An ARM Cortex-M3 powered high performance low cost platform. Scalable industrial design including GSM/GPRS, Ethernet, CAN, RS232/485, USB and expansion connectors with full featured software support. Ideal for implementing protocol gateways, high speed DAQ cards etc
eStorm-C1 NXP LPC1769 Industrial Communication Platform
Sparklet - Embedded GUI Library

Sparklet - Low Cost Embedded Graphics Library

An advanced Graphical Library designed specifically for resource constrained embedded systems. Modular architecture supporting major widgets and is highly extensible with support for Windows Simulation. With integrated touch support, suitable for low cost HMI's, quick boot consoles etc.
Sparklet - Low footprint GUI library

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