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We are a leading product engineering and digital transformation services company helping customer realize their product vision. With focus on electronic product engineering, cloud and mobile app development, we enable business success through technology.

13+ Years of Excellence

In field for over 13 years, we have carved out ourselves a niche position in the industry helping customers with our innovative solutions and dedicated services across domain verticals.

Dedicated Team

Embien is what our team is. A family of energetic and dedicated professionals across 3 development centers, driven by the company's vision of empowering the world with technological innovation.

Capable Leadership

Our company is led by industry veterans of 22+ years with proven experience in heading large development centers/BUs. Hands-on engineers themselves with passion for customer satisfaction.

Why Embien?

Embien, with its rich technological expertise and unique engagement models, has been a trusted partner in many of our customer success stories. Some of our credentials are

Man years of experience in the product engineering covering all major application domains.

Happy Clients that we have served so far since inception.

Products we engineered running in the field for many thousands of years cumulatively.

IPs and Solutions that we have developed in house to accelerate product development.


Rapid Deployment Suite for Embedded Applications

A vast collection of system modules, software components, protocol stacks that can be readily used for embedded application development. Available for major silicon families, the RAPIDSEA library can be quickly configured and deployed. Some of the important features are:

  • System Modules - OS, Drivers, Protocol stacks, Parsers, Bootloader etc.
  • Components - Data objects, FIFO, buffers, filters, message queues, databases etc.
  • Interface supported - I2C, SPI, EEPROM, UART, Ethernet, USB Device / Host etc.
  • Flint IDE System Configurator Integration - Low code development approach
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An Intelligent IDE for next generation product development

Flint IDE is Embien's flagship product that offers a easy to use Embedded Systems Software and Development Environment for developing intelligent products. With ability to configure and create in a no code software development approach, complex embedded systems design patterns can be achieved.

  • UI Designer - HMI design tool to create stunning user interfaces on embedded systems
  • Visual Programmer - Model based tool to aid drag and drop development approach
  • System Configurator - Configure all aspects of RAPIDSEA for your custom application
  • UML based Design - Supports the universally established development methodology
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The best Embedded Graphics Library in the market

Sparklet is an advanced GUI library that can transform your embedded system to an user experience console. Used by many OEMs and Tier 1s in their instrument clusters, industrial HMI's, infotainment systems, smart wearables, white good interfaces, etc, some highlights of Sparklet are:

  • Low Memory Footprint - Runs on few KBs of ROM and RAM yet providing rich UI.
  • 2, 2.5 and 3D Graphics - Optimized to leverage underlying hardware accelerators & GPUs.
  • Royalty-free License - Run it across any number of devices with one time purchase.
  • Silicon Support - Available for all major MCUs/MPUs from Renesas, NXP, ST, TI etc.
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High performance Ready-to-Use IoT Cloud Platform

SkyCase platform is based on Microservices design and deployed over container architecture, automatically scaled up/down based on usage with high SLA of 99.99%. Ready-to-use device profiles and dashboards boards are available for automotive and industrial applications. Some key features are:

  • Multi-Tenant Architecture - Device provisioning and management across Tenants & Customers.
  • Secure Data Management - CoAP, MQTT and HTTP over secure TLS channels and secure storage.
  • Intelligent Processing - Process data with simple scripts to advanced AI/ML algorithms.
  • Rich Visualization - Vast library of widgets & dashboards for industry specific use cases.
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Automated Testing Framework for Embedded Devices

Embien's TestBot provides fast, reliable, and secure testing to increase your quality assurance index. It is a state-of-art automated test bench for validating hardware, firmware and app functionality of any embedded device, during development and production. Key highlights are:

  • Rich Test Cases - Inbuilt with a rich set of test cases that suits most use cases.
  • Ease of Scripting - Apart from native Java support, it has Python bindings as well.
  • Customized Jigs - Can be quickly integrated to test jigs designed for DUTs.
  • Cross platform - TestBot can be used in Linux, Windows and Mac OS platforms
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High performance System On Modules, SBCS and EVKs

Embien’s system on module approach reduces the time and work involved in developing an electronics product as all the design complexities are abstracted from the developer. Modules and SBCs are available on different form factors and processing capabilities.

  • NXP - Designs on i.MX6 Quad/Dual Quad/ DualLite/Solo/ Ultralite, i.MX28, I.MX8 etc.
  • Texas Instruments - SoM and SBCs based on Ti Sitara based AM335x processors.
  • Renesas - Instrument Cluster designs and Telematic Unit based on RH850 variants.
  • Nvidia - Carrier board specifically design to leverage all features of Jetson Nano.
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Domain expertise

Automotive Electronics

Towards greener mobility developing smarter clusters, telematics, infotainment systems etc.

Industrial Automation

Leverage the power of technology and our expertise to take lead in the industry 4.0 transition.

Medical Electronics

Embien is a trusted name in the field of smart health devices and medical equipment engineering.


Serving industry leaders with pre-fabrication silicon support and EVK/SoM/SBC design services.

Mission Critical

Proven credentials in developing mil-grade systems including FPGA's, vision systems and HPC's.

Consumer Electronics

Develop smarter and attractive CE devices that creates a lasting impact on your customers.

Our Portfolio

Secure Bootloader for RH850

Ensured the confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of running firmware.

Two Wheeler Instrument Cluster

Highly engaging TFT cluster powered by Sparklet with complete functionality.

Digital Vision Chart

Turnkey Development in compliance to IEC 62304 and IEC 60601-1 standards.

Quantum Secure Messenger

End-to-End communication protected by post-quantum cryptographic algorithms.

Industrial Protocol Converter

Multiple industrial protocols with cloud connectivity for wind turbines.

Smart Watch

Attractive user interface for the wrist form factor with Sparklet library.

Android Infotainment System

Product engineering of full functional infotainment system for passenger vehicles.

NVIDEA Jetson Camera Development

Multiple camera inputs of different formats acquired over MIPI-CSI interfaces.

Predictive Maintainence of Boilers

With power of AI/ML algorithms prevented failures before even they occurred.

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