Advanced Android Training

At Embien, we introduce Android to developers in a different viewpoint and help engineers see the whole system from an inside-out approach.

Due to its highly evolving code base powered by Google, working with the Android platform requires constant learning of the OS in detail. Embien’s advanced Android development training will keep you ahead of the learning process with courses that teach you the nuances of Android programming, right from scratch & also offer insights on the advanced concepts of Android product development.

Our certified trainers upskill engineers on how to build a production-ready design using hands-on approach beginning from driver development, HAL porting, AIDL creation, System Services, multimedia framework, customization and optimization ending with CTS and VTS.

Advanced Android Training – An Overview

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Android Training and Development Course

This Advanced Android Training workshop is specially designed for engineers with sound knowledge in Linux and embedded systems. In this workshop, popular embedded platforms like UDOO, Sabre etc., are included to provide the trainees with hands- on training experience on target platforms. The target audience for this course are,

  • Product Engineers working in Android based systems
  • Application engineers for understanding lower level architecture
  • Driver/Firmware engineers for understand the needs from higher application layers
  • Engineers doing custom modification of Android functionality
  • Architects for optimizing Android system performance - Power and Time
This course introduces system concepts like build system, virtual machines, App components and move a bit deeper into all the subsystems along with the driver interface. Engineers working on lower level architecture, higher application layers, custom modification/optimization etc., benefit the most through this training.

A detailed description of the customizable course contents are listed below. We are open to modifications and are ready to provide courses that best suit your requirements and confine to constraints like timing, duration and syllabus.


Course Syllabus

Course Duration : 3 to 6 days

Overview & Build System
  • Embedded Systems
  • Android Overview
  • Design Philosophy
  • Building Android
Application Development
  • Components
  • Process and Tasks
  • Tools and Best Practices
Android Internals
  • IPC and Framework
  • System Services
  • HAL and Kernel
  • Libraries and Scripts
Services with AIDL
  • Started Services
  • Bound Services
  • Creating new services
Display And Audio
  • Linux Device Drivers
  • Android Subsystem
  • Display Subsystem
  • Audio Subsystem
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • Ethernet
  • Telephony
UI and Storage
  • Input Devices in Android
  • Sensors integration
  • GPS Architecture
  • Storage Devices Management
  • V4L2
  • Camera Subsystem
  • Multimedia and DRM
Advanced Android Apps
  • Database
  • OpenGL ES and NDK
  • Debugging tools
Customization and CTS
  • Creating SDK
  • UI Customization
  • Compatibility Test Suite
Optimization Techniques
  • Profiling Techniques
  • Boot Time Optimization
  • Power Optimization
Hands on Experience
  • Industrial HMI
  • Infotainment System
  • Medical Monitor

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