Android Customization Services

At Embien, we are specialized in adopting Android on OEM's devices to match the unique brand identity of the customer while incorporating changes are various levels and adding security features.

Knowing that customization is a great business strategy, manufacturers prefer to deliver personalized user experiences to each segment of users & to drive client satisfaction, effectively.
With versatile domain knowledge, we offer specialized high - end Android customization services to clients across the globe. Our expert engineers excel in providing complete customization for Android and Linux systems at all levels - Platform & Hardware, HAL & Drivers, Framework & Internals and Applications. We help create unique user interfaces that line with unique brand identity for custom devices, differentiating them from their stock AOSP image.

Android Customization – Why Us?

Embien – Innovation with Quality

Our Technical Prowess

We have extensive experience working on various Android versions right from earliest Cup-cake to latest 9 (Pie) and 10

User - friendly UX designs leverage multi - touch panels and light, Proximity, motion, pulse oximetry, Biometric temperature sensors

Quality multimedia experiences with advanced connectivity features like Multi USB Device, USB Host, Ethernet etc.

Customization at various levels, Apps, Frameworks, HIDL etc., and support for custom devices like TPMS, Auxiliary CPU etc.

Android Driver Development and Customization

Embien has been in forefront of Android customization - modifying and enhancing the stock AOSP source for particular application/OEM. With decades of experience working with the open-source community, Embien offers advanced android development and customizations services at various levels. We improve the overall functionality and performance of your Android devices, enable customized app features and carry out Android OS upgrades with ease. Our team of experts satisfy customer requirement by providing services like:

  • Migration between Android versions
  • NDK developments and tweaks
  • Setup of development tools and environment
  • Source code management
  • Design Gap Analysis etc.,

Apart from this, we also support the porting of new drivers, improving existing ones, Custom System Services, API Addition / modifications, SDK development & management, Native service integration & Custom stack integration with Android.



Embien, with its outstanding service expertise has developed customization for all aspects of Android applications that include:

  • Support for non-standard devices and interfaces
  • Booting directly to end application
  • Custom Android App Launchers – User interface to customize home screen, icons, system features etc.,
  • Status menus- Notification icons, system icons etc.,
  • System and App Themes- Configuration of themes, style etc.,
  • Navigation bars – using ID, DeepLinkrequest etc.,
  • Settings screens – Organize and customize settings
  • System App management – Find, view and delete applications
  • Multi-lingual support – Enabling access in various languages
  • UX development for Apps - Wireframes, mock ups etc.,
  • Mobile App Development for devices like: Phones, Tabs, Custom etc.,

    Android Multimedia Framework

    Supporting Multimedia in devices require a high level of expertise as it is highly processor intensive and power consuming. Improper planning and implementation could bring down the UI performance of the whole system and drain the battery faster.

    At Embien, we hold a proven track record of of working with multiple multimedia frameworks and technologies. We excel in image handling, audio processing, video management and automotive specific audio routing/policy. We have also integrated third party encoders/decoders on existing systems and support them on Android enabling specialized media processing.

    We have worked on StageFright, OMX Plugins, GStreamer technologies on various platforms. Our multi-disciplinary team has worked in-depth on the hardware technologies like Cedar-X, NXP/TI Codecs, Nvidia accelarators, DSPs and enabled them for Android Multimedia framework.

    Our focus on quality, timely delivery, transparency, and 100% customer satisfaction has helped us establish a long-term relationship with our clients.


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