Android Porting and Upgradation

From porting Android OS for new platforms to migrating/upgrading your devices to Android, we provide comprehensive services at an impeccable quality and attractive price.

Android Porting and Upgradation – Our Offerings

Embien – Your partner in solving technical complexities

Nowadays, manufacturers are looking for ways to port OS, migrate existing codes, validate product functionality and upgrade their Android based products with full featured user-friendly interfaces.

With versatile experience and deep understanding of Android technologies, Embien offers specialized Android porting and migration services with up-gradation support for a variety of hardware platforms.

We assist customers in accelerating their product innovation & provide device commercialization services to harden and improvise the open-source software for larger reach.

Technical Excellence

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We enable Android OS on various processor families like TI, NXP, Renesas, Atmel/Microchip, Allwinner, MediaTek etc.
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We hold a proven track record of working with all types of devices and interfaces like HIDL, HAL, Kernel, Frameworks etc.
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We employ flexible engagement models/proven methodologies to reduce investment on device, infrastructure, software and hardware
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Domain Knowledge

Domain Knowledge

We are proficient in building complex Android applications for various domains such as consumer electronics, industrial automation, medicine etc.

Android Porting and Migration Services

Since the introduction of the open-source Android platform for mobile phones by Google, there has been a significant interest in the OEM community to migrate and customize Android for other embedded platforms. At Embien, we offer specialized Android porting and migration services that facilitate the applications developed for a different platform to be deployed on Android.

Being one of the early adaptors of Android and design house partners for leading silicon vendors, we are uniquely poised to bring up the OS quickly in the end product. Also, with its deep insight in C, C++, Java and Java Native Interface (JNI) technologies, Embien can quickly adopt your existing code base to Android. Based on the specific requirement/architectural suitability, we have integrated the legacy application either as a System Service via AIDL, as a HAL component, as a daemon or as a completely re-written app.

With deep domain expertise, we leverage Virtualization technologies to enable multiple OSes to run simultaneously on embedded systems. Our team of experts hold in-depth knowledge in the latest AOSP architecture, middleware components, HIDL, etc., and validate the system by regression testing, CTS & VTS.


Our Credentials

Embien has developed some quality- competency based credentials with its outstanding service expertise in Android porting & upgradation.

  • Helped build Android based CE devices for notes taking.
  • Ported Android on to multiple HMIs and developed full stack industrial applications
  • Experience in developing many Automotive Instrument Clusters
  • Developed drivers and HAL for OEM/ODM specific hardware components meeting Android specifications.
  • Developed several AOSP (Android Open Source Project) architecture and subsystems.
  • Developed passthrough HALs for image sensors.
  • Developed binderized HAL for Tyre Pressure Monitoring system.
  • VTS test case supported for custom HALs.
  • Built SDK with support for custom interfaces
  • Conducted numerous Android Internal trainings to leading Tier I companies

Android Upgradation Support

Android OS is being updated continuously by Google to support new features and incorporate various security enhancements. This upgradation has forced major OEMs/ODMs to keep their Android based products in line with Google’s latest offerings. Only a dedicated team of experts can offer specialized support for all upgradation related activities.

We have un-coupled tight integrations between HAL and higher-level code in many proprietary implementations and streamlined them to meet Google’s guidelines. We have been helping our customers right from the earliest versions to the latest Android 10. At Embien, we execute perfect planning based on prior experience for integration, testing & upgrade testing with precise effort calculation. Apart from this, we have also assisted customers in upgrading from older versions of Linux kernel and have also passed the VTS requirements for certification.

From a change in application logic to the addition of new features for your Android Application, Embien is capable of maintaining and transforming your business-critical applications to meet the growing business needs.


Make the switch to Android easily with Embien’s assistance


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