RAPIDSEA Automotive Navigation Stack

Enhance your vehicle experience with our connectivity stack for clusters

Automotive Navigation and Connectivity Stack

Embien offers full-fledged connectivity stack that can be used to provide smartphone connectivity to instrument clusters over low cost BLE and WiFi modules. While it is fairly common for higher end clusters running powerful Linux/Android OS to have their own connectivity and navigation stacks, the smaller clusters and low-end automotive dashboards has a larger market share and tend to be more demanding. This is especially true for two-wheeler, three-wheeler and low-cost EV vehicles. Understanding the needs of OEMs, Tier 1s and end customers, Embien has designed and developed this stack.

Connectivity Stack for Clusters

RAPIDSEA stack is compatible with many modules that can be connected to the main MCU over UART/SPI interfaces. Connected over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to Android/iOS compatible smartphone, the cluster starts acting as an extension to the mobile giving unlimited capabilities to even low end automotive dashboards and clusters. Some of the possibilities, our connectivity stack for clusters, has achieved include

  • SMS Messages notifications and reading
  • WhatsApp Messages notifications and reading
  • Social Media notifications
  • Show incoming calls
  • Accept or reject incoming calls
  • Re-dial last outgoing call
  • Music Playback and Control
  • Perform update of themes
  • Change background pictures.
  • FOTA Update of vehicle ECUs

With compatible hardware, Bluetooth hands-free profile can be implemented, thereby giving full control of the audio call/music to the cluster/handlebar switch.

Small Footprint Automotive Navigation Stack

For a low-cost cluster, it is essential to show navigation information on screen even though the system is limited in terms of processing capability. With our stack, it is possible to show turn-by-turn navigation information from the smartphone application. Even a complete map from the smartphone can be shown on the cluster screen provided the map mirroring license is available.

If Wi-Fi connectivity is enabled, it is possible to perform FOTA update on the cluster firmware. In this approach, the vehicle can be updated at any point of time by the end-user at the convenience of their home rather than only at authorized service centers. Along with RAPDISEA UDS stack, FOTA update of vehicle ECUs can also be updated in a safe and secure manner.

Also, Embien has supported OEMs collecting vehicle data over CAN network and later pushing the processed information to the OEM cloud over Wi-Fi connectivity. Connectivity stack for clusters is available for many underlying wireless connectivity modules from leading vendors such as TI, Microchip, Renesas etc.

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