RAPIDSEA Automotive protocol stacks

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Our Automotive Protocol Stacks

Automotive industry employs a wide range of protocols each dedicated for a certain use case. Embien’s RAPIDSEA comes with a lot of automotive protocol stacks that are already proven and can be used either together or individually based on the customer requirements.

Some of the Automotive Protocol Stacks that are offered are :

  • ISO14229 - UDS Stack
  • ISO15675 – ISO-TP/CAN-TP DoCAN Stack
  • CAN IVN Stack
  • SAE J1939 standard stack
  • Map Mirroring and TBT Navigation

Optimized for resource constrained embedded devices, these stacks can be used to quickly build automotive applications and reduce time to market.

RAPIDSEA Use Cases For Automotive Software Development


For two-wheeler, three-wheeler, electric vehicles


With full function infotainment and connected capabilities


Vehicle data capture and remote diagnostics


Core communication aspects of the ECU stack

Embien's Cluster/ECU Stack Expertise

RAPIDSEA Automotive Protocol Stacks are battle-tested and are being used by some of the leading OEM's and Tier'1. Backed by Embien's experience in the automotive software development for over a decade, our development team has taken into factor various challenges that typically accompany such designs. Our designs are validated with industry standard tools such as vector can analyzers, vector vn1610, vn1630a, Peak PCAN USB adapters, Waveshare adapters etc, and hence should be able to be deployed in any scenario in a short period of time without any surprises.

With our Flint Configurator tool it is also possible to follow a no-code/low-code approach for automotive ECU stack development. Configurations can be done, code generated and deployed with convenience of mouse.

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