BLE Suite – Bluetooth Scanner

At Embien, we offer BLE Suite - Bluetooth scanner for developing and debugging wearable devices, BLE beacons, custom BLE modules etc.

BLE Suite - Bluetooth Scanner

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By considering the needs of developers working on Bluetooth Smart (or) BLE connectivity enabled devices like wearables, BLE beacons, custom BLE modules, etc., Embien has developed a Bluetooth scanner named BLE Suite for Android applications. Embien’s BLE Suite aimed to be called the Swiss knife of BLE developments, is logically designed with visual elements that ease user interaction & management. It offers rich functionality for debugging devices & enables features like BLE Scanner View, Service Browser, Widget Screen & Log Screen that aid users to view the list of available devices, pair with them to read & write data operations on the device, based on its characteristics.

BLE Scanner View & Service Browser

The BLE Android app has a primary scanner view option that detects all the available devices using the Android OS. Apart from this, it also displays the device name, address and RSSI. Based on the current connection state, the scanner view provides connect/ disconnect options. On entering, the devices are scanned (or) re-scanned automatically within the configured time period. Users can initiate a scan as preferred by just pressing the Scan button.

On entering the service browser, all the services supported by the respective BLE Devices will be displayed with their names for the user's view. Information like Characteristics/Descriptors can be viewed, managed and expanded. Apart from this, the Service Browser supports the following options:

  • Displays the corresponding name, if the device has a standard UUID as defined by the Bluetooth Low Energy Profile
  • Enables read and write options for information like Characteristics/ Descriptors etc.,
  • Provides options to change the format in which the characteristics data has been accessed
  • Enables options to enable or disable Notifications for various characteristics


Widget Screen

By using engaging UI elements, the widget screen displays the textual information provided by the service browser in a logical manner. Apart from this, the widget screen supports functionalities like: Adding/Removing Widgets, Edits Services, Characteristics/ Descriptors associated with each Widget, Enables customized factoring for various Widgets, Reads all configured Widgets once /repeatedly within configurable time intervals etc.,

Various UI Widgets are also supported by BLE Suite – Bluetooth scanner widget screen :

  • Overview Widget - Displays the BLE Device address, RSSI, Number of Connections/Disconnections etc.,
  • Device Widget - Shows the Model Number, Manufacture Name, Serial Number, Hardware and Software Revision of the device
  • Accelerometer Widget - Displays the X,Y,Z axis values & polling interval with a configurable base value
  • Alert Widget - Enables configurable mode selection option & an alert now button
  • Battery Widget - Displays the battery percentage
  • Custom Widget - Shows user configurable data format with read & write options for any custom service/ characteristics UUID
  • Update Widget - Enables OTA feature based on proprietary format, offered by TI's OTA profile

Log Screen

The log screen of BLE Suite - Bluetooth Scanner Application over Android is made ideal for BLE development and debugging purposes by its highly attractive features which include the following:

  • Enables the user to view all the log information of the selected device, accumulated over a specific period of operation carried by the Bluetooth 4.0 scanner.
  • Allows the user to select events that are specific to Connection, Read & Write Characteristics and Notifications etc.,
  • Displays the time and type of the Log data
  • Clears all the log information, just in one click

Embien holds rich experience in developing BLE devices such as BLE beacons, custom BLE modules, wearables etc., for industries like Consumer Electronics, Health Care, Automotive and many more. Our expert engineers have developed a wide range of BLE based Android apps. To know more about our competence, get in touch with us today!


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