Bluetooth Scanner and manager

By considering the needs of developers working on Bluetooth Smart/BLE connectivity enabled devices like wearables, BLE beacons, custom BLE modules, iBeacons, Eddystone devices etc., Embien has developed an android based Bluetooth scanner application named BLE Suite. Embien’s BLE Suite aimed to be called the Swiss knife of BLE developments, is logically designed with visual elements that ease user interaction and management.

It offers rich functionality for debugging devices such as scanner, profile manager and data visualizer. The BLE Scanner View allows to scan the nearby devices and connect to them. The Service Browser allows browsing the Services and Characteristics of connected peripheral. It can also help perform read, write, notify, and indicate operations on the device characteristics. Widget Screen and Log Screen allows continuous logging of data from device, log them to local storage and review them using various visualization like charts, tables, and graphs.

Bluetooth Scanner and manager

BLE Suite - Bluetooth Scan Tool Features



Collection of UI elements to log and view data in multiple formats and polling intervals with configurable base value


Alerts and Notifications

Configurable threshold values, comparison modes, alert option, and battery percentage to trigger notifications


BLE FOTA update

User configurable OTA feature update with customizable data format and UUID characteristics, optimized for performance and power



Bluetooth OBD2 scanner, Bluetooth beacon scanner, BLE debugger, BLE-CAN Protocol Gateway App, BLE Data logger etc

Bluetooth scanner - applications

The BLESuite, BLE scanner and profile manager, can be used as a white-labeled product to quickly develop a BLE ready embedded device or vice versa. Some of the advanced applications the BLESuite app is customized to are.

  • Bluetooth OBD2 scanner
  • Cluster Interface for TBT navigation
  • BLE Security dongle
  • BLE based Industrial data logger.
  • iBeacon based temperature logger.
  • Commissioning App for installers and FAEs
  • BLE FOTA update Tool.

The BLESuite app is available for iOS as well on request.

Embien holds rich experience in developing BLE devices such as BLE beacons, iBeacon, Eddystone devices, custom BLE modules, wearables etc. for industries like Consumer Electronics, Health Care, Automotive and many more. Our expert engineers have developed a wide range of BLE based Android apps. To know more about our competence and avail yourself of our services, get in touch with us today!

Bluetooth scanner - applications

Looking to accelerate your embedded BLE developments and BLE FOTA updates?Take advantage of our BLESuite - BLE scanner and profile manager today

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