Saravana Pandian Annamalai
18. September 2013 · Write a comment · Categories: Embien, General

Today, Team Embien is happy to announce a new section for blogs in our web site. Our passion with embedded software and hardware design and development is the driving factor for this technical blog. This section will act as a platform to show case each of our team’s expertise in their respective area of work. We also sincerely believe that it will provide to be of value to the visitors especially for those from Industrial Automation, Health care and Consumer electronics sectors.

The blog section will have postings about all the diverse technologies related to embedded software and hardware developments. The topics covered will include Android, Linux and Windows Embedded Operating Systems, Firmware Development for various peripherals, Board Design, System Design, Product Engineering Ideas etc. We will also update it with the challenges being faced in our industry and the solutions being devised to overcome them.

Apart of them, it may also host non-technical contents that may concern our target domains. We will also post updates about the latest technologies Embien is working on and cutting edge solutions being designed to empower our customers. We will strive to make this a valuable tool for our audience.

We hope to update them at least once in two weeks. While we strive to maintain factual accuracy, mistakes sometimes do happen. We hope the readers will help us in correcting the same. The comments will be enabled with moderation for each blog for us to maintain a conversation between ourselves and the audience.

We are looking forward to converse with you!