Camera Design Services

Embien designs and develops electronic camera boards & USB cameras for ADAS, automation, surveillance, medical imaging, artificial intelligence, drones, and various other embedded vision applications.

As a leading embedded camera module design companies, our customers include startups exploring vision-based technologies to large OEM's advancing their image/video analytics capabilities.

Camera Design Services Offerings

In today's connected world, electronic cameras have become inevitable. They are being used for basic video/image recording use cases to advanced object detection, image analytics, video analytics applications as well. Embien, with its deep domain expertise has integrated various CMOS/ MIPI camera sensors on multiple processor platforms such as NXP, TI, ARM, Renesas, NVIDIA, MediaTek, ST, Intel Qualcomm and various other SoCs. We provide a wide range of camera design services – right from hardware, software, camera driver development to image tuning, and embedded vision application development.

Apart from this, Embien develops smart camera solutions for applications such as automation, surveillance, medical imaging, artificial intelligence, drone etc. We integrate latest cutting-edge technologies like ultra-HD image/video capture and enable smooth rendering, seamless connectivity, and embedded intelligence such as machine vision and analytics application.

Camera Design Services Offerings

Our Electronic Camera Specific Competence


Camera Hardware

MIPI CSI II, Plug and play USB 3.0 /2.0, IR Camera, Sensor & Camera Interface, Custom Lens Design etc.,


Camera Software

V4L2 Compliance Driver Development, ISP Image Tuning, GStreamer plugin, Simultaneous Multi-channel capture .,


Sensor Support

CMOS and CCD Camera Integration, Multi-Sensor Integration, Sensors: LiDAR, mmWave, Ultrasonic, 9-Axis


AI / ML Integration

AI/ML on the Edge / Cloud, 360° & Video Stitching, ADAS & Deep Learning Algorithms, Image Processing

Embedded Camera Module Design Offerings

Embien has assisted its customers in attaining best image quality for their applications under varied constraints such as sensor, processor, lens etc. Our embedded camera module design expertise in the field of camera application are as follows:

  • Image Stitching
  • Medical Imaging
  • Dashboards
  • Traffic Data Analytics
  • AI and Augmented Reality
  • Face Recognition
  • ADAS Solutions
  • Driver Monitoring and Collision Avoidance
  • Precision Farming
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Sorting Applications
  • Aerial Payload Sensing

With our camera design services, we also provide end-to-end electronic camera integration support such as Linux V4L2 driver development, Windows driver development, Android Camera integration, multimedia framework integration and edge analytics with camera.

Embedded Camera Module Design Offerings

Looking to navigate the complexities of embedded camera module design and development?Speak to our camera design services team to integrate electronic camera in your product

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