Quantum Secure Messenger Mobile App Development


Customer : An established organization serving end-customer in Defence domain
Size : 51-200
Project vertical : Enterprise Security
Challenge : Develop a quantum secure messenger mobile application on Android to support next security
Solution : Quantum Secure Messenger Mobile App with BLE based dongle
Services Availed :  Mobile application development, UI/UX design
Tools and Technologies :
  • Programming Language : Kotlin and Java
  • Frameworks : Android NDK and JNI
  • Databases : sqlLite
  • UX : Figma


Our customer is an established organization in the field of quantum cryptography offering their own series of Quantum cryptography chips. As a part of their extended offerings, they are offering integrated software applications that can be used directly by their end customers.

They approached Embien to develop a highly secure ecosystem to develop a Quantum secure messenger application, for which Embien developed all the components with mobile app as the point of interface for the user.


Embien had earlier created messenger applications that offer various features like Channels, Groups, Video calls etc. By using industry power security algorithms, users can send and receive messages protected with end-to-end encryption. The recipient alone can decode the messages he / she receives from the sender and set disappearing message features with configurable timers. Even though the data is stored in the central server, the server will not be able to understand the same as the keys are kept with the applications at the user end.

Quantum Secure Messenger

It is estimated that within a few decades, quantum computers will be able to break the classical crypto algorithms. So, while the messenger is itself secure with classical cryptographic algorithms, the customer wanted to further fortify it with Quantum safe methods and create a Quantum Secure Messenger.


At Embien, we understood the customer's need, and designed / developed an Android-based secure messenger application along with a Quantum Cryptography BLE Dongle that secures and maintains user data with end-to-end encryption in a Quantum-Safe way. Our profound expertise in the field of Embedded Systems Security and Application Development has positively resulted in bringing about the desired outcome. We enabled dedicated session keys for chats using random numbers generated via quantum chips.

The messaging service was enabled via an Android based application that adopted end-to-end encryption methodology. For secret chat, the chat data was stored in the local storage of the mobile device and was set to be auto deleted at configured interval. After App installation, users must perform one time password activation for the BLE device.

Post Quantum Cryptography - Block Diagram

The connection setup and data communication between the Dongle and the mobile app was also encrypted using QC algorithms.

When a connection request is received from the Quantum Secure Messenger App over HTTPS, the Cloud server will first validate the application using certificates along with OTP. Other aspects of security are.

  •  User-1 and User-2 Pair generation using a defined Algorithm (One to One Communication)
  •  User-1, User-2 and User-3 another pair generation using a pre-defined algorithm (Multiuser Communication)
  •  Communication Ends Pairing will be removed for both one to one and multiuser concepts.

Key Features of Embien's Quantum Secure Messenger Mobile App are.

  •  The communication between Secure Messenger application and server is protected
  •  Key generation leverages true random number from Dongle
  •  For each message, message keys are changed using true random numbers enabling form ward security
  •  Automatic session invalidation in server forces frequent session setup limiting attach vectors
  •  The application facilitates creating, managing, and deleting user accounts
  •  The application supports creation/ deletion of Group chats and channels
  •  All communication with peers is End-to-End Encrypted
  •  The application facilitates creating text status or status from gallery along with viewing and commenting other user statuses
  •  The application allows making video and audio calls with encryption and decryption concepts
  •  The user data is stored locally in the context of application and will be deleted after configured duration / after uninstalling application

The development was done natively on Kotlin, and Quantum Cryptography algorithms are utilized via Android NDK and JNI calls. A PIN based pairing mechanism was provided to secure the BLE interface.

The entire application was thoroughly validated by our QA team for both functional and non-functional aspects.


Some of the benefits this customer enjoyed availing our mobile app development services are.

  • Highly secure mobile application leveraging the Quantum Cryptography algorithms
  • Intuitive UI/UX interface optimized for security domain
  • Quickly installable and configurable setup via one time links
  • Prevention of casual screenshot/copy features
  • Secure BLE communion with the QC Dongle


This is one of the instances where Embien has helped its customer to quickly develop a cutting-edge mobile application with its Quantum Secure Messenger Mobile App development services.

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