Remote Monitoring/Control System

One of our valuable customers had a requirement of monitoring their equipments installed in sites across countries from a centralized system over multiple channels of communication. The monitoring systems installed at each site must monitor the local parameters continuously. A centralized controlling system should connect to the monitor and query the required parameters. While Ethernet is the primary mode of connection from the central system, due to remoteness of the Monitoring system in certain cases and for redundancy, GPRS data connection and SMS data transfer support were needed.

The Remote system has to support Legacy systems and expandable as well. There was also a necessity to store the parameters locally for further retrieval on total communication failureMulti-channel remote monitoring and control system

Embien was commissioned to design the overall software of the system. The software was designed to implement an intelligent routing protocol. The router continuously monitored all the available channels for the quality of service and a channel was chosen based on the availability and priority.

The Central Controller could configure each Remote Monitor and log data from them. The Remote Monitors could also log data locally in case that the connection from the Controller fails, no data is missed.

A complex data tunneling mechanism was also supported for simultaneous connection from multiple systems to log in and query data.

Embien Technologies helped our customer in designing and implementing the software architecture on this ARM-based Linux system. Our expertise enabled us to complete the project in time and earn accolades from our customer.