Cloud Infrastructure services

Reap the best out of your cloud applications and maximize ROI with our cloud infrastructure management, disaster recovery and business continuity support

Cloud Infrastructure services

Migrating to cloud is only one part of the digital transformation journey. Just like maintaining your legacy application, to get the best out of it, the cloud applications as well as the associated infrastructure need to be carefully monitored and managed. Having the skill-set in-house for cloud infrastructure management can be a complex and costly affair. And with rapid evolution of cloud technologies, soliciting cloud infrastructure services from external experts becomes mandatory.

Backed by a decade of experience, Embien offers its expertise in cloud infrastructure management. Our certified cloud experts can support you run your business from the cloud with a high level of availability without the sheer level of monitoring needed at your end. Our team can also advise you the best-fit cloud infrastructure requirements to keep your costs down. Having established ourselves in managing IoT devices on life-critical applications without any down time, we are poised to provide an edge in cloud infrastructure management as well.

Our Cloud Infrastructure Management offerings

Continuous monitoring

With knowledge and expertise on various frameworks, we proactively monitor the health of your cloud and ensure the high availability of the same. Our engineers are available 24x7 to support on issues and keep you isolated from the pressures of cloud maintenance.

Infrastructure Optimization

Backed by cutting-edge technologies, we form a big picture of the entire infrastructure and help fine-tune each aspect of it such as computing cores, memory resources, databases etc. We ensure you get the maximum efficiency and responsiveness for the given configuration.

Cost Reduction

Without over-deployment, our cloud infrastructure management consultants help you in reducing your operational costs after careful analysis of resource utilization. Using cloud containerization and orchestration, we reengineer and deploy your applications optimally.

Disaster recovery and business continuity services

Our expert infrastructure engineers are available 24/7 and handle hundreds of servers across geographies. While they take care of most of the issues by themselves, in case of critical issues, specialized development teams can pitch in quickly and bring the applications back without any significant impact. Our team provides a daily snapshot of activities done and a weekly recommendation for further improvement. Our engineers have worked on multiple cloud software like Openstack, VMWare, OnApp, Cloudstack, Amazon, and expertise on virtualization software like Xen, KVM, Hyper-V etc.

We also offer Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Support based on your business needs. Our cloud consultants can help you create a Data Recovery policy, implement it, and perform a regular review and monitoring of availability of the same. Our team also offers Infrastructure-as-Code service using tools like Google Cloud Deployment Manager, Puppet, Ansible, Chef, Terraform, Packer, SaltStack, Helm Charts, Tiller and OPA.

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