Cloud Migration services

As one of leading cloud migration companies, Embien help to migrate your legacy apps to user-friendly, highly secure and cloud-based applications and support you in the Digital transformation journey.

Digital transformation strategy for Businesses

It is a well-established fact that adopting cloud for business provides an array of benefits such as flexibility, scalability, availability, and reduced costs. While the business owners are aware of this, still the path to adoption is tricky one. The digital transformation strategy - bringing all the operations, data, services, and applications to a cloud-based design, needs a careful plan and approach. It calls for a deep domain understanding and technological expertise.

Embien with its unique combination of expertise in embedded system-based digitization and cloud migrations have helped numerous businesses in their digital transformation strategy and journey. Our Certified solution architects with decades of cloud experience have guided customers in understanding the benefits, planning the migration, building the necessary applications, and helping execute the transformation seamlessly. Our support has resulted in increasing productivity, resiliency, scalability, and agility. Leveraging the proven in-house frameworks, we offer a customized strategy unique for each business after a holistic assessment and help them with a seamless migration.

Our Cloud Migration and Digital transformation strategy

Assessment & Planning

  • Understand and document the business needs.
  • Create strategy and plan transformation.
  • Define operational model and cloud architecture.

Cloud Development

  • Design and Development of Cloud applications
  • Enable CI/CD pipelining for faster development.
  • Perform Pilots and run thorough validation.

Migration & Training

  • Migration to Cloud based services.
  • Training stakeholders with tools and technologies
  • Scale the operations to leverage the power of cloud.

Support & Optimization

  • Assess and manage the load across the cloud.
  • Optimize infrastructure based on actual usage.
  • Secure the system from external threats.

Application Cloud Migration Services

Embien can analyze the existing legacy applications and services, perform architecture redesign and re-implementation as needed. We can help deploy them in one of the three cloud models.

Public Cloud Migration

In this case, the cloud services are built on top of a common infrastructure that is shared between many users. Typically, it involves running them on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or the Google Cloud Platform. Our team can help you plan the right quantum of instruction needed as of now and scaling up strategy if needed.

Private Cloud Migration

If the business need demands it, it is possible to create a virtual Private cloud with dedicated infrastructure reserved for the private cloud. With time-ups with data centers and maintainers, Embien can help you identify the right vendors and deploy the services on the private cloud.

Hybrid Cloud Migration

In some cases, there will be need to leverage the best of both public and private cloud worlds. For example, the non-sensitive data can leverage the public cloud or third-party APIs and the other operations can be done on the entity owned dedicated private cloud.

Embien, among other cloud migration companies, is poised uniquely, with its rich team of cloud architects and cloud consultants, can help plan and meet the data security, compliance, and governance obligations of the organizations at an attractive investment.

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