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Consumer electronics product development

Consumer electronics product development for devices such as smartphones, digital cameras, tablets, laptops, HVAC systems, smart wearables, game consoles etc., are now evaluated under the basis of power efficiency, production costs & support for multi-band communication standards. Manufacturers are expected to address these ever-changing consumer demands effectively and keep pace with the evolving technologies, in addition to delivering rich user experience.

Embien offers advanced consumer electronics product development services right from ideation, product engineering to cloud integration and application development. Our expertise in various cutting - edge technologies make us a preferred service provider for various consumer electronics, IoT end devices, fitness trackers, smart home monitoring systems etc., We have helped numerous OEMS in consumer electronics design and development in realizing products with different form factors such as rings, neckbands, wrist wearables to larger tablets etc.

Consumer electronics design expertise

Industrial design

Assist customers to build high–quality, attractive, feature rich devices with reduced time-to–market.


Offer strategic innovation through user-centric research and adopt emerging technologies.


We curate personalized UI solutions that support on-device UI, mobile, tablet, smart wearables etc.,


Integrate multiple platforms and sensors such as Smart motion, Temperature, SpO2, NIBP etc.

Smart wearables design

We design and develop numerous handhelds for IoT End Devices, consumer applications, and enable Embedded GUI for Cloud Connected Devices like Smart Wearables, Fitness Trackers, Air Quality Monitors, and many more. Our consumer electronics design incorporates powerful ML algorithms for analytics, voice-based command interfaces, and are optimized for utmost power efficiency and ease of usage. We are also experts in power optimization techniques enabling devices run long time even on the smallest batteries.

Some of our smart wearables design success stories are,

  • Smart Ring with wireless charging station
  • GUI development for white goods
  • AI Professional Camera for video conferencing
  • Android OS porting and driver development for Set top box
  • LoRa based patient tracker
  • Smart Shelves for Retail applications
  • Android based water marking device.

Our rich partner ecosystem helps us create best in class industrial designs along with prototyping and manufacturing them.

We are a one stop provider for consumer electronics design or smart wearables design
Leverage our consumer electronics product development expertise!

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