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Application Containerization in Embedded Systems

Application containerization is a method of packaging embedded applications, along with their dependencies and runtime environment, into self-contained units called containers. These containers provide a consistent and isolated environment for the application to run, regardless of the underlying hardware or operating system. This isolation ensures that the application functions reliably and consistently, regardless of the system it is deployed on.

Embien's Application Containerization for Embedded Systems support enables developers to encapsulate their applications and dependencies, ensuring consistent behavior across different environments. Our Containerization strategies provide enhanced security for embedded systems by isolating applications within containers, potential vulnerabilities are contained, preventing them from compromising the entire system. It also simplifies the management and scalability of embedded systems applications. With container orchestration frameworks such as K3S, Kubernetes, it is possible easily spin up multiple instances of an application, scale resources up or down as needed, and manage updates and rollbacks efficiently. With this application containerization mechanism, OTA updates and roll backs can be performed without affecting rest of the system.

Application Containerization in Embedded Systems

Embien Expertise in Containerization for embedded systems


Agile Development

We help achieve a streamlined development process, improved portability, enhanced security, and efficient scalability for your embedded systems applications


Portable Apps

Our team can pack and deploy applications using container technologies such as Docker, LXC, LXD, Containerd, runC, Podman, Snaps, etc.


Scalable at Edge

Help dynamically define and deploy strategies using embedded container orchestration systems such as K3S, Kubernetes etc. on embedded Linux



Rich experience in building, deploying, and managing containers for embedded systems across major processors and SoCs over Linux

Containerization of development environment

Embien's Containerization for embedded systems services can be utilized to containerize the entire development environment for embedded firmware as well. This approach ensures that every component necessary for development, including compilers, libraries, and tools, is encapsulated within a container. This container can then be shared across the development team, providing a consistent and reproducible environment for building and testing applications.

Using containerization of development environment, our team can help eliminate the challenges associated with setting up and managing complex build environments. New team members can quickly onboard, and the risk of dependencies conflicts is greatly reduced. Additionally, this approach enables developers to easily switch between different versions of tools and libraries, facilitating experimentation and exploration.

At Embien, we specialize in providing containerization services tailored specifically for embedded Linux application development. Our team of experienced engineers can assist you in containerizing your development environment, as well as packaging and deploying your applications using container technologies such as Docker, LXC, LXD, Containerd, runC, Podman, Snaps, etc.

Containerization of development environment

Want to unlock the power of containerization for embedded systems?Avail our services for application containerization and containerization of development environment to experience streamlined development, enhanced portability, and efficient deployment.

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