Corporate Training Services

At Embien, we offer a variety of corporate talent development programs that focus mainly on Embedded System Designs, Android, Linux and Windows CE.

Corporate Training Services – An Overview

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To meet the ever - growing demands of the technological sector, it is essential to tailor the skills of all the internal members of your team through a talent development program. At Embien, we offer specialized corporate training services to provide professionals a first-hand experience of on-job scenario and place them in realistic decision-making situations. We plan a pre-training meeting to identify the training and course development needs of you and your team. Our dedicated & certified instructors offer training through meticulous hands-on lab sessions, conceptual methodologies and case studies. We strive to fulfil customer expectations by providing a quality - filled interactive training.


We render extensive hands - on - training to enhance your technology skills

We provide customized training programs, enriched with advanced resources

We implement innovative modes of delivery that meet organizational needs

We offer a well-plannned course structure, based on an industry point of view

  • Advanced android training

    Level up your coding skills and develop insights in offering an improved user experience for your Android based products

  • Android Porting and Internals

    Learn the internals of Android OS and develop skills to customize and extend the functionality of the platform

  • Android Security

    Discover the various concepts of Android security and learn how to harden your system against vulnerabilities

  • Multimedia frameworks training with GStreamer

    Learn to integrate multimedia capabilities in systems through an in-depth concept study of Multimedia on GStreamer frameworks

  • Audio on embedded systems

    Discover the in-depth concepts of audio subsystems & processing, including: Codecs, Linux/Android audio frameworks, OMX plugin’s etc.,

  • CUDA Programming

    Receive hands-on training on NVIDIA technology with Tegra SoCs & level up your programming and data processing skills

  • RTOS on ARM

    Design real time applications on ARM, starting from porting RTOS to developing apps on top of the RTOS

  • QNX for embedded systems

    Discover the commercial grade high-end RTOS including: architecture, IPCs, debugging techniques & driver development

  • Windows CE Training

    A deep dive into Microsoft’s WinCE OS Porting, BSP development and customization, Driver development, Application development and Debugging

  • Developing for ARM Architecture

    Acquire insights about the next generation ARM cores including : Architecture, Hypervisors, Symmetric Multi-Processing, programming techniques and tools etc.,

  • Advanced ARM Architecture Training

    Level up your understanding on ARM architecture, register model, exception handling, execution modes, assembly programming, development tools etc.,

  • Advanced Power Management for ARM Cortex Series

    Learn to run ARM cores and MCUs in ultra-low power mode and acquire insights about power optimized designs

  • IoT Technologies from Device to Cloud

    Acquire insights about IoT Technology and develop the complete ecosystem right from the end device to cloud & data integration

  • Bluetooth- Classic and BLE

    Specialized course centred on BT for low power and low-cost communication for better end node development

  • Power optimized IoT Designs

    Learn to design a low power IoT product with wide ranging communication options and interfaces

  • Embedded Systems – An Overview

    Discover the basic concepts of embedded systems beginning from basic electronics to bare metal system design, extensively

  • Embedded Systems – Peripherals

    Learn about the peripherals and interfaces required for creating embedded systems that interact with the physical world seamlessly

  • Embedded Development on Linux/ARM

    Acquire insights about the embedded systems based on ARM SoCsrunning Linux, their design methodologies and debugging techniques in detail

  • Linux BSP Porting and Internals

    Learn about the architecture, internals and about the various tools and technologies employed to port new hardware/processor

  • Linux Driver Development

    Level up your understanding on Linux driver architecture and learn to develop Device drivers on top of embedded Linux

  • Advanced Linux System Programming

    Gain Knowledge about embedded Linux system programming like IPCs, process synchronization, debugging etc.,

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