DAQ Suite – Android Controlled Switch App

Embien offers DAQ Suite - an Android Controlled Switch App for managing SMS Remote Control & USB Relay Switch on platforms such as Arduino, Raspberry PI, eStorm-L1 etc.

DAQ Suite is a user - friendly Android Controlled Switch that is designed to address the entire chain of GSM based relay control. It is a one touch, error free remote control solution that allows users to manage various applications such as GSM relay controllers, USB relay switches etc. based on platforms like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, e-Storm - L1 etc. This DAQ Suite Application enables users to type/edit the SMS commands & help refrain from sending false commands to the device, which in turn saves both time & cost. This application comprises of : Home Screen, Device Selection Screen, Settings Screen & Device Screen.

DAQ Suite – Switch App

Embien – A versatile DAQ application provider

Extensive Features of DAQ Suite App

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Intuitive User Interface

Intuitive User Interface

We provide modern and elegant UI’s with rich status visualization and configuration options
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Device Configuration

Device Configuration

We offer mechanisms that add/monitor & control numerous devices using a single app
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Device Control

Device Control

We monitor /control up to 32 Relays and Outputs & Analog Inputs and Outputs
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Device Authentication

Device Authentication

We support simple username & password based authentication for preventing unauthorized access to devices

Home and Device Selection Screens

In the home screen, all the information about the online/registered devices are displayed in a consolidated form. The number of SMS commands sent & received will also be displayed as a log report. The device selection screen supports the selection of device type/model, purchased and positioned for the control & monitoring purpose of applications. The screen includes two drop down list options as follows :

  • Device Type : Lists down all the device variants commonly available with eStorm-L1 platform such as relay switch, relay controller, etc.
  • Device Model : Lists down all the model numbers based on the analog inputs & digital input/output configurations, available under the selected device type

The DAQ Suite Android Application can be customized with multiple options for defining device type & model in later revisions.


Functionalities of the DAQ Switch App

DAQ Suite offers extensive support for controlling/ monitoring remote devices with the below mentioned options :

  • Secure Connection with the device authenticated using a username and password
  • Digital Output ON/OFF control with On/Off delay and On duration settings
  • Digital Input Monitoring with On/Off de-bounce settings
  • Multiple Options for Digital Output/Input Status Update with periodic time interval settings, on change or both
  • Missed Call Control on Digital Outputs
  • Multiple Device Registration and Device Connection Status Notification

Setting Screens

All the settings corresponding to the device is included in the settings screen, along with multiple tabs on the settings menu which comprises of the following options:

  • User Settings : Provides user authentication and login. The user is expected to create a user id with a name, password, phone number and device description to enable configuration for device under control. This setting also supports the addition of an alternative number for control upon calling the device.
  • Digital Output Settings (Relay Settings) : Enables digital output information such as name, on duration, ON/OFF delay, etc
  • Digital Input Settings : Corresponds to the digital input information such as name, on/off de-bounce, input enable/disable etc.
  • Update Settings : Enables update interval option for receiving SMS about the current status of the digital inputs and outputs.
  • Call Action Settings : Supports actions such as switch ON/OFF done on digital outputs upon calling the device.


Device Screens

All the control and monitoring options are available in the device screens along with the following options :

  • Device Status Bar : Displays the device synchronization status
  • Time Log Bar : Shows the time of the recently sent and received SMS
  • Digital Outputs Control Panel : Enables individual ON/OFF corresponding to each digital outputs
  • Digital Inputs Monitoring Panel: Provides individual notifications corresponding to each digital inputs

Upon modification, an SMS with pre-defined commands will be sent to the device & once the message gets delivered, the status will be updated on the screen. For a customized Android Relay Control Application, get in touch with us today!

We provide Android - based app solutions for all your SMS based switches & relays


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