DAQ Suite – Android data logger and controller

Your one-stop solution in managing industrial data acquisition devices, gateways, and converters. With extensive data logging, control, and data visualization features, hold your plant in your hands!

Available as white-label mobile app logger and can be customized to your brand!

Android data logger and controller

DAQ Suite is a user - friendly Android data logger and controller that is designed to address the entire chain of Data acquisition, device management and GSM based relay control. It is a one touch, error free remote-control solution that allows users to manage various applications such as sensor data loggers, voltage monitor recorders, GSM relay controllers, USB relay switches etc. based on open-source platforms like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, e-Storm SBCs etc. This DAQ Suite Application also enables users to type/edit the SMS commands & help refrain from sending false commands to the device, which in turn saves both time & cost.

The user intuitive design of the android data logger and controller allows quick commissioning, configuration, and management of multiple devices from the same application interface. This application comprises Home Screen - that has a dashboard to view all managed devices, Device Selection Screen - to add new devices or edit them, Settings Screen to configure the interfaces.

Android data logger and controller

DAQSuite sensor data logger – Features


Intuitive UI

Modern Elegant UI’s with rich status visualization and configuration options



Mechanisms that add/monitor & control numerous devices using a single app



Can monitor/control any number of Relays and Outputs & Analog Inputs and Outputs



First level bio-metric based authentication for preventing unauthorized access

Versatile Mobile App Logger

DAQSuite mobile app logger offers extensive support for controlling / monitoring remote devices with the below mentioned options:

  • Secure Connection with the device authenticated using a TLS connection
  • Support for popular sensor data loggers
  • Digital Output ON/OFF control with On/Off delay and On duration settings
  • Digital Input Monitoring with On/Off de-bounce settings
  • Multiple Options for Digital Output/Input Status Update with periodic time interval settings, on change or both
  • Missed Call Control on Digital Outputs
  • Multiple Device Registration and Device Connection Status Notification

The same app is available for iOS as well on request.

Working with numerous OEMs and Tier 1's in the industrial automation domain, Embien has fine-tuned the Mobile App Logger for the best possible operation. The Android data logger and controller is available in White-label form and has been used by OEMs and is being actively used across hundreds of critical industrial devices and gateways.

Versatile Mobile App Logger

Searching for a versatile mobile app logger or sensor data logger or a voltage monitor recorder?DAQSuite - Android data logger and controller - is the answer!

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