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We transform technology into business outcomes by delivering information management, business intelligence and analytic solution, all under one roof.

In today’s connected world, data is being generated everywhere. The primary purpose of any data that is collected (or) managed is to derive actionable insights. This can be made possible only through a differentiated data analytic service. Data is regarded as the currency of the digital world. Industries generate massive amounts of data on a daily basis, making it impossible for humans to apprehend. This data is termed the - “Big data” which is considered to be useless until it delivers a meaningful insight. At Embien, we offer specialized edge analytic and cloud data analytic services that aid in improvising your businesses operational efficiency, thus paving way to an increase in conversion.

Data Analytics – An Overview

Embien – Business Beyond Boundaries

Tools and Technologies

Embien has worked with many cutting-edge tools and technologies for managing massive data using databases like: MongoBD, Cassandra, CouchDB etc.
Apache Edgent, Apache Spark, AWS etc.
Tableau Node JS Server, SQL, Excel, Couch, GoogleChart, FusionCharts, Neo4Jetc.,
Hadoop, Tensor Flow, Spark, Storm, Flink etc.,
Java, Python, SQL/CQL, R, Scala Business objects, Predictive modeling algorithms

Edge Analytics

Edge analytics are tools that collect data by sitting on (or) near IoT Devices and analyze data at source, without sending it to the cloud. It saves time, lowers cost, preserves privacy and controls connectivity issues. In much simpler words, Edge analytics streamlines the process of data analysis and helps utilize much of the relevant information more efficiently.

By moving certain workloads to the edge of the network, your devices spend less time communicating with the cloud, react more quickly to the local changes and operate reliably even in extended offline periods. At Embien, we provide customers the choice and flexibility to architect IoT ecosystems with analytics at the edge, cloud or at the data center.


Cloud Analytics

Cloud analytics is the application of analytic algorithm that allows an individual (or) organization to perform data analysis using a range of tools and techniques. It assists in extracting information from a massive data and present it in a way that is easily categorizable. Cloud analytics help in analyzing and optimizing service lines and provides a high- level of accuracy.

Embien's cloud analytic services help you extend a consistent operation model across public and private clouds. We help clients achieve their business objectives faster with less risks. Our talented pool of engineers assist in increasing your business performance by providing accurate and on- time data reporting.

Big Data Management and Business Intelligence

Data stores have begun to grow exponentially, thereby making the management of big data a challenging task. Organizations often find the data they preserve to be outdated or inaccurate and detect it to be a conflict to their present data. This inaccuracy in data can affect business opportunities and lessen brand value (or) customer satisfaction.

Big data management maintains the accuracy, security and quality of massive amounts of data, whether structured or unstructured whereas whereas Business intelligence converts raw data into meaningful information to drive profitable business actions. It combines data mining, data visualization, business analytics, data tools and infrastructure. At Embien, our goal is to ensure high level of data quality and accessibility for business intelligence. We help companies locate valuable information from a variety of sources and shape new platforms that combine the traditional warehouse with big data systems in a logical manner.


Data Visualization

Data Visualization is the graphical representation of information and data. It helps people understand the significance of data by using visual elements such as: Charts, Graphs, Animation, Drag-drop widgets, Tables and other visualization tools.

Data Visualization aids in curating data into a form that is easier to understand and highlight. It assists its users in conveying the crux of information in a much intuitive way. At Embien, we design the right visualization that brings your data to life. Our expert analysts employ different data visualization tools to create graphically interactive data representations that assist in improving customer experience.

Next-Gen Analytics

With the advent of IoT, there is excess data that needs to be curated, managed and monetized. Enterprises have been forced to discover and respond to strategic opportunities that arise from the abundance of data which has eventually paved way for the need of a data analytic service to drive business growth.

Embien's Next-Gen Analytics offer insight driven business experiences that co-relate with internal and external data. We make use of advanced analytics to plan, execute and report business operations that assist the user in creating new opportunities, products etc., for their business models. Our analysts help you harness the power of big data by using technology proven frameworks and tools such as: decision science, predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics and domain expertise to turn excess data into successful business outcomes.


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