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IoT based data acquisition. Edge powered Data analytics. Powerful AI/ML at the Cloud.
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Embien's Data and Analytics Services

With the advent of IoT and cloud connectivity, it is possible to keep close track of how a product is being used or a service is being consumed. Embien helps businesses to business collect this data ethically in a safe and secure way, perform analytics on them and infer meaningful information from them. This offers businesses insights into customer needs enabling informed decisions that drive growth.

Embien offers end-to-end services and solutions - right from acquiring digital data via IoT devices and gateways, processing them using AI/ML algorithms at the cloud as well as on the edge, all in a highly secure environment.

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Our Data and Analytics Services Offerings

IoT Development Services

In the field for more than a decade, Embien helps acquire data from sensors, machines and applications via the Internet of Things and communicate them securely to the cloud.

AI/ML Development Services

With low-power edge computing devices or highly powered cloud servers, Embien can help run advanced AI/ML, image/video analytics algorithms on data and make informed decisions.

Embedded Security Services

Embien's embedded security services help business protect their devices in the field and safeguard the data without being tampered or accessed on the way to the cloud.

Want to collect and harness your business data to discover new opportunities?Avail our Data and Analytics services as many other enterprises do.

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