Development Kits and SBC

Embien offers high - performance ready to deploy evaluation boards and easy to use, ultra-compact single board computers from both the NXP i.MX series & Ti Sitara AM335X Series processor family. Our Dev Kits and SBC's are cost - optimized in nature. They offer a robust end-to-end software stack support, enable easy integration and development of applications on specific embedded devices and operating systems. At Embien, we also provide customizable carrier boards that ease the industrial process time.

Single Board Computers

Embien offers i.MX6/8/28 based single board computer modules that support machine vision technology, hardware products and integrated systems.


i.MX6/ i.MX28 Based Development Platforms

Embien offers ready to deploy evaluation boards based on processors like: i.MX6/ iMX28. These dev kits support the integration of hardware and end-to-end software stacks into new (or) existing application designs.


AM335X Based Development Platforms

Embien offers development kits based on TI Sitara AM335X processor. These modules accelerate development for smart appliances, networking and industrial applications.

Reduce your time to market with Embien’s Developer Kits

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