Animation and Transitions


Animation and transitions play vital roles in enhancing the user experience, providing visual feedback, and improving usability.

In Flint, users can seamlessly integrate animations into different aspects, such as Entry/Exit, Internal State, UI State, Views, and Change of Child. Within the dedicated Animation section, users have the flexibility to add, modify, and remove animations according to their preferences and needs.

Following Animations are supported in Flint :

  • Entry/Exit - Animation during the entry and exit of a widget or view.

  • Internal state - Animation for transitions within the internal state of a widget.

  • UI State - Animation for transitions within the Self UI state of the widget.

  • Views - Animation for transitions between different views. Always add ‘Views’ animation to the parent container widget of a view.

  • Change of Child - Animation to change the child widget using swipe actions.

For more details on the same, visit Animations section.

Flint offers a range of transitions to facilitate smooth visual changes within the interface. These transitions are essential for enhancing user experience and making interactions more engaging.

Following Transitions are supported in Flint :

  • Alpha Value

  • X and Y Position

  • Width & Height

  • Visibility

  • Data Value

  • Generate Event

  • Scale X and Y

Visit Transitions section for more details.

To facilitate understanding of animations and transitions, sample projects are provided in the link below.