Setting Up


Flint is a Graphical tool to develop projects for working with Sparklet embedded Graphical UI library and the RAPIDSEA platform. Flint is implemented as a rich client application on top of Eclipse to take advantage of the most popular development IDE. Taking advantage of cross platform availability of Eclipse, Flint can run across platforms including Linux, Windows, Mac-OS etc.

This section explains the procedure to setup up Flint for developing Sparklet/RAPIDSEA projects.


Flint is a lightweight plug-in running on top of the Eclipse platform. The software to be installed before starting the installation are

  • 64-bit PC with at least 4GB RAM and 1 GB free hard disk space.

  • 64-bit Java 11 or newer JRE/JDK is required. LTS releases are preferred. Currently, Java versions up to 17.0 are compatible with Flint.

  • For Linux, users can install the jdk11 version using the command “sudo apt install openjdk-11-jre-headless”.

Installing Flint

This section describes in detail the steps involved in installing the Flint IDE.

To begin with, the Flint is provided as a compressed archive – file, whereas xxx is the version number of the Flint IDE. Extract the same with your preferred tool. For example, when using WinRAR, right click the file and select Extract to Flint as shown below



This extracted folder can be moved to any preferred location. To run Flint, after unzipping, select eclipse folder and double click on Flint.exe file.

Workspace location


Flint needs to be provided with a workspace location to keep the project. By default, it is located where the Flint.exe file resides. Choose any folder you want.

Workspace location

Workspace location

Flint tool is now launched, and it looks like:

Flint tool

Flint tool

Licensing Flint

For Flint to build projects, it is essential to obtain a license. For that, open the menu Flint->License. If the License is not obtained, it will show all fields as invalid. Click on the License Request button. Provide details in all the fields.

License Request

Request for a License

Select To Clipboard option which will copy the filled contents to your clipboard. After that, paste it to your Email client and share the details with Embien’s Licensing team will validate the same and respond with a license.lic file. Simply place the license.lic file obtained in the same folder as Flint.exe to enable it.

Placing license.lic file

Placing license.lic file

The license will be enabled now so that the License information text will be valid.

Valid License Information

Valid License Information

Licensing Flint with USB Dongle

Installing WinUSB Driver for USB Dongle License

Follow these steps to install the WinUSB Driver for USB Dongle License:

  • Click the link and download the ‘libusb-win32-devel-filter-’ driver.

  • Double-click the ‘libusb-win32-devel-filter-’


    Set-up LibUSB-Win32

  • A dialog box will appear:

  • Select ‘I accept the agreement’ and ‘click Next’

  • Click ‘Next’ again.


    Set-up LibUSB-Win32-1

  • Choose the installation path and click ‘Next’.


    Set-up LibUSB-Win32-2

  • Click ‘Next’ and then ‘Install’


    Set-up LibUSB-Win32-3

  • Finally, click ‘Finish’.


    Set-up LibUSB-Win32-4

  • The LibUSB Win32 is installed.

  • Now, insert the USB Dongle.In Device manager check whether the device is shown in the list.


    Device Manager

  • Select Install a device filter and Click ‘Next’( If this option does not appear automatically , then Click ‘Start’ and find the LibUSB-WIN32 folder and open Filter Wizard.)


    Set-up LibUSB-Win32-5

  • Select ‘vid:4701 pid:0291 rev:0200’ in the Device selection and Click Install.


    Set-up LibUSB-Win32-6

Once the Filter is applied successfully, close the dialog.


Set-up LibUSB-Win32-7

To confirm a successful installation, navigate to the Device Manager, access the properties of Embien USB, and select “Driver Details.”


Device Manager

Upon completing the installation successfully, click on the “License Request” button and fill in all the required fields.


Request for a License


Request for a License

Opt for the “To Clipboard” option, which will copy the filled details to your clipboard. Send the copied contents to Embien’s Licensing team will validate the information and provide a license.lic file in response.


Request for a License

Simply place the obtained license.lic file in the same folder as Flint.exe to activate it.You can place multiple USB license files if needed.

Placing license file

Placing license file

Note: Dongle LED Indications

  • Slow Blink - License Invalid / Not Found

  • Fast Blink - License Valid.

Updating Flint

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