Automotive Widgets

Flint has now come up with readymade automotive widgets that enable users to design projects quickly and effectively. When an automotive widget is dragged and dropped, the data is instantly generated and mapped to that widget. So, the user does not have to create data separately. Here is the list of automotive widgets which are commonly used to design any instrument clusters.



Base Widget

Telltale widgets

(Bluetooth, Battery, Left and Right indicator, High beam, ABS and so on)

An instant imageholder widget for telltales with internal states-Disabled and Enabled. Users can modify the widget’s properties based on their requirements.

Widget Library

Odometer, tripmeter, Distance and Speed unit, Front and Rear Pressure, Time and Gear

Instant label widgets with internal states and mapped data bridges.

Widget Library

Tachometer and Speedometer

An instant dial widget for tachometer and speedometer with mapped Data information and defined angles. Users can modify the properties based on their requirements.

Widget Library

Temperature gauge

An instant progress bar widget for temperature gauge with mapped data. The properties of the widget can be customized based on requirements.

Widget Library

Cruise, Drive-modes, and TBT navigation

Instant imageholder widgets with multiple internal states.

Widget Library