Connector Overview

Connectors, visually represented by a line, interconnects the blocks in the program vie their ports. While there can be only one output port in a connector, it can be connected to more than one input ports.

When you left click on the connector, the corresponding connector will be selected, and the selected connector will be highlighted.

Data Type:

Each of the connector will have one data type associated with. This will be same as the highest data type of the connected ports.

Adding a Connector:

A connector can be dragged and drawn from an input port to an output port or from an output port to an input port.

The data types for the input and output ports must match.

In block deletion corresponding block connector is not deleted. That connectors need to redraw a valid port. User able to draw connector from valid port to connector

Edit a Connector:

The user can move the TOP or BOTTOM segment of the connector.

If connector segments are at the same point, then connector segment will be merged

The user can also be able to split the Start or End segments of a connector.

Delete a Connector:

By performing a right click on a connector and selectt Delete, the connector is deleted.

In connector deletion, if the connector has multiple end ports, then the root path of the segments is only deleted.