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Embien has been in the forefront of technological evolution for more than the past 13+ years helping customers realize their vision. Embien has developed a unique skill set that helps us work across domains, even benefiting customers with cross-industry knowledge and experience. Backed by an enthusiastic team and led by industry veterans, our offerings are unparalleled in quality and speed of execution in the field of turnkey embedded product design.

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Domains served by Embien

Industrial Automation

With deep expertise in latest industrial automation technologies and implementations, Embien is the trusted partner in achieving your Industry 4.0 objective.

Automotive Engineering

Working with OEMs and Tier 1’s, we have accumulated vast experience in automotive electronics development including ECUs, Clusters, eCockpits, Telematics Control Units.


Traveling at the edge of the technology wave, we work with early-stage silicon helping customers take huge time to market advantage and post-production evaluation kits development.

Mission Critical

Whether it is unmanned air vehicle or target seeking missile or high-tech surveillance systems, our team has contributed to development of such critical systems at various levels.

Consumer Electronics

With focus on customer experience, Embien has helped realize numerous consumer electronics products that have stood the test of time and usability across the geographies.

Medical Electronics

Understanding the compliance needs is job half done! Working with leading medical equipment manufacturer, our team has many feathers in our cap of successful products.

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