i.MX6UL based System on Module – DORY

Embien offers i.MX6UL based SoM DORY- a feature rich performance module from the processor family NXP i.MX6UL ARM Cortex A7 @1GHz 900MHz Quad/ Dual/ DualLite/Solo core, specially optimized for Fleet Management and Telematics. With extreme peripheral integration, i.MX6UL based SoM DORY supports industry latest – high performance interfaces such as: I2C, SPI, UART, USB 2.0, Camera Interfaces etc., The i.MX6UL based SoM DORY is suitable for applications such as: Home and building automation, Automotive Telematics Device, Streaming Audio, Kiosk, Human-machine interface, Digital signage.
  • CPU name – NXP i.MX6UL/ULL/ULZ
  • CPU type – Cortex™-A7
  • Cores – 1 Core
  • CPU Clock (Max) - 900 MHz
  • DMIPS – Up to 1,710
  • Parallel RGB- 1366×768 24-bit
  • Touch controller- Resistive, Capacitive
  • Digital audio – Available on the external connector
  • 2D/3D Graphics Acceleration- 2D pixel acceleration engine (PxP)
  • Camera Interfaces – 1x 24bit CPI
  • RAM – 128 – 1024 MB DDR3L
  • eMMC – 4 – 64 GB
Mechanical specifications
  • Dimensions- 48.72mm x 35mm
Electrical specifications
  • Supply voltage- 5.0V
  • Digital I/O voltage- 3.3V
  • Power Consumption- TBD
Environmental specifications
  • Commercial temperature- 0 to 70°C
  • Industrial temperature- -40 to 85°C
  • Minimum availability- 2030
Block Diagram
Dev kit
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The exceptional performance of NXP i.MX6UL based SoM DORY is optimized to offer an end-to-end Smart Fleet Management and Telematics solution that supports live-tracking, fuel sensors and alert features.

With both resistive and capacitive touch display support, i.MX6UL based SoM - DORY enables digital dashboards that display information in graphic formats for real - time visibility. DORY module also supports the development of Automotive Telematics Devices to monitor and record driving behaviour etc.,

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