Electro-Mechanical Product Design Services

Electro-mechanical product design services

With two decades of exposure to product designs, Embien has developed an in-house mechanical design engineering capability making itself self-sufficient in electronics product development.

Our complete hardware and electro-mechanical product design team can work with customer for achieving best possible product quality complete with electronic equipment enclosure design


Mechanical engineering design services

To augment itself to be a one-stop solution provider, Embien has become a leader in doing mechanical design and development involving complex mathematical functions, analysis and simulations for precise output. Our Mechanical engineering design services has innate understanding of underlying physical concepts there be able to transform the customer requirements to success stories. Some of our electro-mechanical product design outputs includes.

  • Complete in-house design for plastic injection molding machine with 180 ton clamping force
  • 3D modeling and design of mold for plastic injection molding machine
  • Automated Multi-canister Paint Tinting machine with precise stepper controls
  • Coir pith block making machine with capacity of 140 bricks per hour
  • Multi-axial gantry machine for automated test jigs
  • Force protection mechanism for a sensitive validation tool

We also have rich experience working with different types of dispensing machines such as vibratory bowl feeders, rotary feeders, linear dispensers etc.

Electro-mechanical product design expertise
Tools and Techniques

Tools and Techniques

  • Solidworks, Ansys and FreeCAD
  • Detailed 2D/3D drawings
  • Aesthetic and Industrial design
  • Committed to customer branding.

Enclosure Design

Enclosure Design

  • IP ratings – IP65, IP67, IP68 enclosure design
  • Mold design – Silicon mold, Over-molding
  • Materials – Plastics and sheet metal.
  • Connectors standards – MIL, Automotive, Medical

Machine Design

Machine Design

  • Multi-axial motions - ball screws, linear guides
  • Force - multi-point toggling mechanisms.
  • Torque - gears, belts/pulley, etc.

Scope of Work

Scope of Work

  • Design, fabrication and assembly
  • Smaller to large size machine designs
  • Vibration/shock resistant designs
  • Well Established eco-system partners

Electronic equipment enclosure design

For any electronics equipment, enclosure design and development are a very important aspect as it showcases the final output to the end-consumer. It is necessary that there is a close interaction between the electronics product team and the mechanical engineering design team as both must work in tandem to realize an industrial design with focus on aesthetics and manufacturability. Our team has very good experience working in tandem with customer and ecosystem partners for most important components of design such as 2D/3D drawings, sheet metal modelling, cable modelling, etc.

Embien has worked in designing mechanicals for very smaller form factor devices such wearables, hearing aids, etc. in healthcare applications adhering to the IP standards such as IP65 and IP68. With its qualified team of electronics can also involve in adding value to our enclosure design in many aspects such as temperature ratings, placing interface connectors at specific locations and ensuring communication signals are above a certain strength. Some of our credentials include designing:

  • Waterproof enclosure for electronics
  • Plastic enclosures for electronics
  • Sheet metal enclosure design
  • Custom electronic enclosures
  • Precision electronic enclosures
  • DIN rail mount PCB enclosure

The advantage of being co-located with electronics design team makes Embien best suited for your electronic equipment enclosure design.