Electro-Optics design Offerings

Electro-Optics and Opto-Mechanical designs are more common in medical, aerospace, and commercial space applications where the lens, mirror mounts and imaging systems are tightly coupled with electronic systems and are to be operated precisely. Such a complex and precise system requires in-depth and cumulative knowledge in mechanical, optical and electronics designs.

Embien, together with its rich partner ecosystem, can play a role of trusted Electro-optics and Opto-Mechanics design services partner can work with the customer from the initial concept level, prototype samples to production. We have a growing list of clienteles, whose products incorporate such optical designs, managed by powerful FPGAs, high precision ADCs, laser diodes etc.

Electro-Optics Design

Optical system design Capabilities



  • Motion control systems
  • Frameless torque motors
  • Voice Coil actuator control
  • He-Ne lasers, Opo-Lasers & drivers
  • Gimbal system calibration & control
  • Silicon detector, PV & MCT detectors



  • Lens Mounts
  • Kinematic Mounts
  • Large Mirror Mounts
  • Polarizer mounts
  • Filter mounts

Positional Devices

Positional devices

  • Labjack
  • Multi-axes positioning system
  • XYZ theta stages
  • Gantry stages
  • Linear Translation stages
  • Rotary stages

Machine Vision

Machine Vision

  • Camera Sensor designs
  • Monochrome or color
  • Rolling or Global shutter
  • Fixed focal and varifocal lens
  • Zoom and aperture adjustments
  • PTZ Motorized controls

Opto-Mechanics & Optical System Design Credentials

Embien's Optical system design team has extensively worked in passive and mid-range IR based systems for various applications. These systems involve precise optics design where Lens with kinematic mounts were used. Embien has developed the most challenging Gimbal systems controlled via frameless torque motors using Mirrors and laser source mounted within the inner diameter of the motor. FPGA based high speed acquisition cards were designed adhering to the MIL, medical standards. Expertise in developing advanced algorithms and executing them in FPGA core thereby reducing the complexity of the hardware. We have also worked on numerous LIDAR based systems for defense applications.

In addition to Electro-Optics design and Opto-Mechanics design, Embien also supported customers with other core Optics related design services such as Optics Coating, Beam-Splitter designs via its Optical system design eco-system partner.

Opto-Mechanics and Optical System Design Credentials

If you are looking to develop demanding Opto-Mechanics and Electro-Optics designs,Look no more, speak to our Optical system design team.

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