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Electronic Circuit Design Services - An Overview

A quality and competitive embedded hardware product design process needs a thorough study, analysis, and design of the underlying electronics. Failure in any of this may call for re-design as PCBs and assembled components are not reusable leading to cost and time escalation. Since the end customer is an expert in the product domain, it is the responsibility of the design house to convert the concept to a successful product along with incorporating the core knowledge in accordance with the required standards.

Typically, the hardware design involves requirement capture, architecture design, component identification based on the product grade and production volume, schematics diagrams capture using formal design tools, etc. Depending on the product functionality and its size/power/cost requirements, the electronic circuit design complexity increases. Our team at Embien has been involved in such designs for more than two decades and delivers many successful products with mostly no iterations.

Electronic Design Services Overview

Hardware Design & Schematic Diagrams Capture Expertise



Schematics Design: Cadence, Altium, Mentor Graphics, KiCAD, Eagle
Circuit Simulation: LTspice, TINA-TI, PSpice, Proteus, NI MultiSim
Schematics conversion from Altium/Mentor graphics to Cadence



Renesas - RX/RZ/RH/R-Car,
NXP - i.MX/i.MX RT/Kinetis/LPC,
STMicroelectronics - STM32,
Infineon - Traveo/AURIX/XMC,
FPGAs - Xilinx/Intel/Lattice



Design For Manufacturing & Assembly
Design Failure Mode & Effect analysis
Longevity and architecture re-design
Electromagnetic Compatibility(EMC)
BoM cost estimation and optimization



Analog - MCT IR detectors, TEC controllers, PV sensors, LiDAR Sensors, etc,
Digital - Gigabit Ethernet, PCIe, LVDS, MIPI, DDR, HDMI, SATA, USB, etc ,
Mixed signals - ΔΣ/SAR ADCs, Audio codecs
RF - Antenna designs, Antenna tuning, etc

Circuit Board Design And Manufacturing

Embien with its wealth of expertise and experience in electronics design, has involved in Circuit board design and manufacturing at both end of the spectrum - high processing power with complex architecture and power optimized designs for battery operations. Some of our product designs includes,

  • Multi-channel high speed data acquisition cards using high-speed ADCs and MPSoC (FPGA + ARM processor)
  • Ultra-low power hearing aid design using multi-protocol wireless SoC platform running in tiny batteries
  • eCockpit based on industry leading R-Car processor with multiple display support
  • Automotive cluster with standard vehicle sensor interfaces
  • MIL grade power distribution board for active IR based pollution monitoring system
  • MIPI Camera board with on-board FPD-Link III Serializer for automotive reverse camera applications

We also specialize in cost optimized designs for high volume commercials products.

Circuit Board Design and Manufacturing

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