Embedded Android Deployment

Embien offers a wide range of Android Deployment Services covering Product Validation and Remote Debugging for a better on-field device management

In today's extremely competitive business environment, OEM's need an independent verification & validation mechnism to check products for reliability, performance and its compliance and manage them post deployment.
At Embien, we offer superior Android product validation, deployment and remote debugging services that ensures that the deliverables are in line with the end-customers requirement. Backed by powerful technologies and solid strategies, Embien extends its support in getting their products certified. Our key differentiators are: End to End Embedded product development lifecycle experience, post production issues/support, knowledge on Android GMS certification and remote diagnosis and debugging expertise.

Embedded Android Deployment Support

Trusted Partner for the full product life cycle

Our Competence


Proven experience in process integration, remote deployment and debugging, etc


We hold profound expertise in designing: PoS Terminals, Note Taking Tablets, Industrial HMIs etc.


We deliver customized solutions with exceptional quality, reliability and speed


We trained numerous product teams for successful hassle-free product maintenance

Android Product Validation Services

At Embien, we offer an end - to - end product validation solution that helps our clients clinch their competitive advantage by leveraging our world-class processes and cutting-edge technologies such as : Industry standard testing techniques, test accelerators and tools like Compatibility test suite (CTS) , Vendor Test Suite (VTS) etc.,

As the first step of testing process, we ensure that the device is validated using Google provided tool named CTS that executes multiple unit test cases with respect to Android features, ensuring that Apps work as per the Compatibility Device Specification. As the second step, we validate the underlying HAL layer using VTS for future portability to new upgrades. Our expert engineers introduce testing early in the product lifecycle to prevent defects before they appear.Apart of it, Embien has a trove of test cases collected with experience working on various domains.

Using a combination of adb, kernel staging drivers, console commands and external test jigs, Embien has developed a Production Test Suite (PTS) to validate and generate reports, automatically.


Android Deployment and Remote Debugging

Android products are mostly standalone industrial or consumer units that are enabled with internet connectivity. However, there are a few other devices that do not support network connectivity for security reasons. At Embien, we balance issues caused by updates for devices over the net (or) even through USB’s. Irrespective of the numerous validations executed before deployment, there are also possibilities for on - field issues like bugs. Hence, it is necessary for OEM’s to identify the cause of issue and pave ways to resolve it deliberately.

We at Embien, assist OEM’s rollout on-field upgrades and ensure the authenticity of updates before deployment. Being remotely connected with connectivity technologies such as Ethernet, 3G/4G ,or Wi-Fi, we offer OEM engineers with secured access to their device.. We hold hands-on experience in various remote debugging tools and methodologies & are capable of detecting bugs and core component issues using post- mortem tools like dumpsys and crash logs. Our domain expertise, technology skills, and quality assurance expertise help us reduce product downtime and deliver the desired results to clients.

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