Embedded Android development services

For Android porting, customization and boot time optimization

Android Porting and BSP Development

Embien has done embedded Android development for various devices successfully including both single and multi-core systems. Some of those industry leading processors families that we have hand-on experience in porting different versions of Android includes Renesas RCar, NXP iMx6/iMx8, TI MPUs, Allwinner & Rockchip devices.

Our Android BSP development team provides value addition by providing support including:

  • Low level hardware support using optimized GRALLOC, HWCOMPOSER, RIL, SENSOR, DISPLAY interfaces
  • Hardware accelerators integration for better performance
  • Compliance using Google CTS
  • Release and upgrade management – online/offline
  • OTA Upgrade
  • Android NDK development
  • Integration testing
  • Custom peripheral integration
  • Application development

Android Porting and BSP Development

Our Embedded Android development - Highlights

Industrial HMIs


Support for industrial protocols, data acquisition, intuitive UI and advanced 3D visualization

IoT Device Management


Headless, centralized, and hassle-free maintenance of deployed devices and automatic update rollout

Infotainment Systems


Support for integration of third-party SDKs and Apps such as Maps, Music, Radio, and Cluster Information

Android customization Services

Embien has been in forefront of Android customization - modifying and enhancing the stock AOSP source for application/OEM. Our engineering team offers Advanced Android Development and Customization Services at various levels - platform, middleware, and application.

Embien is very comfortable playing around with the underlying components and development environment to suite the customer’s needs including.

  • NDK developments and tweaks
  • Development of new drivers at kernel level
  • HAL/HIDL module development at Android level
  • OpenMax Hardware acceleration integration
  • Custom System Services
  • API Addition and modifications
  • SDK development and management
  • Native service integration
  • Custom stack integration with Android
  • Booting directly to application
  • Android App Launchers
  • Status menus, Navigation bars and settings screens
  • System and App Themes
  • System App management

Our android customization team has created many customized devices like PoS terminals, note taking tablets, Industrial HMI systems from standard hardware platforms and off the shelf tablets at exceptional quality, reliability, and speed.

Android Customization Services

Android boot time optimization

With Embien's Android boot time reduction and power optimization capabilities, there are many other scopes for improving the performance after Android porting and getting more out of the device including.

Embien is very comfortable playing around with the underlying components and development environment to suite the customer’s needs including.

  • Kernel level optimizations
  • Boot time optimization
  • Android Application optimization
  • Thread level optimization
  • Memory leak management
  • Robust Error handling
  • Power profiling of peripherals
  • Incremental OTA upgrade based only on changes

With this in-depth knowledge, Embien has reduced the boot time of Linux systems from upward of 45 seconds to less than 3 seconds and Android boot time reduction of A10 based platforms from more than 60 seconds to sub 18 seconds. Our process has achieved sub 28 second boot for iMx6 Solo based Auto-infotainment systems. Despite this, the update and upgrade facilities are not compromised.

Want to leverage the best of Android features for your embedded platform?Avail our embedded Android development services today!

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