Our Embedded application development offerings

Middleware and App Development

End-to-end application development on bare-metal, RTOS based and Linux based systems with integration of different libraries and modules.

Multimedia for Embedded

Enable support for multimedia on embedded systems with expertise in GStreamer, FFMPEG, Live555 and Android multimedia frameworks.


Expertise in developing and packing container based embedded applications with Docker/Snap and container orchestration systems such as K3S.

QT Application Development

Proven ability to design and develop QT based applications using Qt Creator, QML QML, Qt Quick and C++ for both desktop and Qt for MCU editions.

Mobile App Development

Our mobile team has designed and developed many Android and iOS mobile apps that integrate over BLE, WiFi and internet connectivity.

UI/UX Development

Have developed attractive and intuitive user interfaces for different application areas including 3D graphics and visualization.

Looking for experts for Containerization/Multimedia for Embedded or QT Application Development?Speak to our embedded application development team!

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