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Some of the most powerful single board computer and System on Modules

System On Modules

Designing and developing a SoC based device involves a lot of effort and cost as it involves complex logic's & interfaces, dense layouts & routing, coordination with logistics etc. It is often easier if all the core components - SoC, DRAM and Flash are available as in integrated module and other pins brought out. In such a case, only a less complex 4/6 layer board needs to be developed meeting the product requirement.

Considering this, Embien along with its partner ecosystem, offers System on Modules that can be readily used in products. Based on leading SoC in the market, these SoMs are available in standard form factor offering modularity and scalability.

Development Kits and SBCs

Higher end embedded systems are typically complex devices that need a lot of expertise to design, develop and manufacture. And in many of the industries the interfaces are mostly the same, needing only changes in the software. Leveraging single board computers will add value to the product as they come with all the major functionalities pre-integrated and certified.

Embien offers an array of development kits and single board computers that are ready-to-use with support for the major OS like Linux and Android. We also offer development services on these industrial SBC's to further accelerate your time to market.

IoT Gateways

Today, with the vast adoption of IoT, most electronics devices are expected to be connected to the cloud. While some of the devices can connect over cloud directly via interfaces like Wi-Fi/LTE, Ethernet, there are classes of devices that need local gateways to connect to the internet. Devices with limited interfaces like BLE, UART, ZigBee can leverage such gateways to become IoT devices.

Embien offers ready-to-use certified IoT gateways and embedded computing platforms, based on NXP iMx6, NXP iMx8 and TI Sitara processors, that can open to gate to internet for your limited embedded devices and products.

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