Embedded Consulting Services

At Embien, we offer consulting services for embedded system development related activities & overall project management.

Embedded Consulting Services – Why Choose us ?

Embien – We deliver valuable insights

To succeed in this competitive business environment, major OEMs require the expertise to drive operational efficiency, navigate through business complexities & accept frequent technological advancements. This calls for the assistance of a professional consulting service provider.
Embien’s embedded consulting services assist organizations in understanding the emerging technologies & implemeting agile design principles. Using holistoc approach, we help manufacturers define,design and execute strategies that optimize quality and costs. Our team of consultants strive effectively to harness the power of digital and deploy flexible delivery models that best fit your unique business requirements.

Technology Consulting

We offer a full spectrum of technology consulting services through innovative strategies, effective implementation and cutting - edge technologies to achieve a faster time to market.

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Corporate Training

We deliver highly interactive, deep-dive, result-oriented corporate IT training programs on the latest embedded technologies that elevate team experience and saves time / cost.

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Project Management Consulting

Venturing into new projects result in increased productivity, market share & shareholder value. But, managing projects within constraints like time, cost and resource is not an easy task. A consistent project management service provider should be capable of introducing new management processes & technologies, acquiring new skills, completing tasks quickly, and increase efficiency to reduce operational costs. Embien is one such provider who can manage your project right from initiation to completion. Our project management consultants introduce management processes, break down functional silos, help complete tasks and increase efficiency to reduce operational costs. We are open to engaging in a weekly/monthly contract basis (or) as a T&M model (or) a fixed cost turnkey model.

Our consultants hold extensive experience in offering project management services for clients from various domains & verticals. Some of our competence include running an automotive instrument cluster development program for Tier 1 vendor, developing products for a leading building management OEM's etc.,

Turn your organization’s project management capability into a competitive edge

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