Embedded Device Driver Development Services

Offered for Linux / Windows / Android OS and Platforms

Embedded device driver development - Overview

In an embedded system running an operating system, the device driver is responsible for managing the peripherals and most interfaces. With the number of such device drivers needed high nowadays, it calls for careful design and development in the recommended and optimized way. Embien serves the purpose with its comprehensive embedded device driver development experience on all the major operating systems such as Android/Linux device driver development, WinCE/Windows device driver development and Mac OS-X Driver development.

Our drivers adhere to strict interface and quality requirements of the underlying embedded operating system and run with zero performance bottlenecks. We have done drivers for all classes of devices and interfaces present in a modern embedded system across applications.

Embedded Device Driver Development Overview

Embedded device driver development - Embien expertise



Bluetooth/BLE, WLAN 802.11ax, Zigbee, LoRa, LTE, NFC, Mifare IS014443A/ISO15693, Philips PN532, HID OEM75, AWID SoC’s etc.

User Interface


DisplayPort, HDMI, LVDS, SDI, Single/Multi-touch Touch Panels, Joystick, Rotary Encoders, Keypad, mouse etc.



AM/FM Radio, AC97, I2S, PCM, ADPCM Codec, Various Video hardware Codecs, hardware accelerator integration, Camera etc.

Buses and Sensors


USB Host and Device, USB OTG, PCI, PCIe, I2C and SPI, GPS, Accelerometer, Gyro, Compass, Barometer, Thermometer etc.

Windows/Android/Linux device driver development

We have highly developed skills in driver development for a wide range of devices and technologies for embedded environments such as WinCE, Linux, Android, eCos, QNX etc. Our software is always optimized for performance and has achieved sub-frame video frame delays, very high PCIe bus throughput, etc. Though done in the shortest development time, our team practice quality process and stringent testing methodology to streamline development process.

In newer generation of few operating systems like Windows, it is possible to have both User mode and kernel mode drivers. Embien is accustomed to both types of driver architectures. Apart of it, we are also highly capable in handling Flat Device Tree model (DTB files) in Linux, NDIS Drivers, run time configurable drivers, custom driver development from scratch, GStreamer/V4L2 integration, Mac OS X Audio/USB Driver development etc.

Linux Device Driver Development

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