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Get the best out of your embedded hardware with our real time software development

Embedded firmware development Service - Offering

In many cases where there is no need for powerful embedded OSes, the firmware is developed using bare-metal approach or with small RTOSes. Typically running on micro controller class of devices, this bare metal firmware manages the overall application and resource management. Our team, proficient in embedded software design methodologies, have done hundreds of such real time software development.

Highly optimized, our design uses minimum code to obtain maximum performance out of it. Our real time software development team is also knowledgeable of the application area and develops the firmware based on the domain specific requirements. Some examples include AUTOSAR MCAL development, BSW software development, functional safety compliant design, acoustic tuned hearing aids, Fire-Safety devices etc.

Embedded Firmware Development Overview

Real time software development - highlights



Renesas RL78, RX68,RH850, NXP Kineties series, iMxRT family, TI MSP MCUs, ST Micro STM32 Series, Microchip MCUs, Silicon Labs, Nordic MCUs etc.



Our designs are optimized for performance, memory footprint and resource utilization resulting in longer battery life and better RoI



Boot loader/Application designs capable of performing Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) using available CAN/BLE/WiFi/GSM/LORA connectivity

Bare metal firmware development examples

Our team is highly proficient in programming languages like C, C++, Assembly, Lua, Python, Java etc. Some of our bare metal firmware development competence includes

  • Low power designs like wearable, battery powered instrumentation devices for a larger battery life.
  • Special processing algorithms for Analog Front Ends – AFEs
  • Redundant system designs to enable high availability
  • Sub-second Quick boot for Linux and bare metal systems
  • Using proprietary RTOS like those available in the BLE stacks/Communication stacks of vendors like TI, SILabs and Nordic
  • Easy field upgradability with Over the Air Upgrade support
  • Secure Boot Loader enabled systems

Our bare metal firmware development team also has extensive experience in porting proprietary and open-source boot loaders like U-boot, e-boot, etc. for custom hardware. We have written fast boot loaders to reduce the booting times of various systems. We have also developed Built-In Self-Test (BIST) and Power-On Self-Test (POST) diagnostics firmware to test the hardware integrity.

Baremetal Firmware Development

Looking for experts to do Linux porting on ARM/RISC-V based boards and board support package development?Avail our embedded OS porting and BSP development services.

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