Embedded Hardware Services

We perform best-in-class services in various class of designing embedded hardware right from rapid electronic prototype design to production grade design with conformance to certifications.

Customers have product ideas that need to be prototyped for demonstrating to the end customers for achieving mass volume requirements and proving their capabilities. With unparalleled experience and design knowledge, Embien can accelerate prototype designs for faster time-to-market and can also assist in the later production stage by redesigning with specialized specifications such as compactness and superior design aspects including various product certifications. Embien with its combination of distinct engineering capabilities and strong relationship with technology partners can involve in research-based design and development also.

Embedded Hardware Design Services – An overview

Embien – Your ideal solution provider

Tools and Technologies

Embien has incorporated the latest tools and technologies in designing and developing embedded hardware
Cadence, Altium, Mentor Graphics etc.
Texas Instruments, NXP/Freescale, STMicroelectronics, Renesas, Atmel, etc.
Altera, Xilinx etc.
PCle, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, CAN, USB, RS485, etc.
LTE, LoRA, BLE, ZigBee, SigFox, WiFi, NFC, RFID, NBIoT, etc.,

Custom Circuit Design Services

As a leading product design company, Embien specializes in finding the right solutions to complex embedded hardware design problems.

Embien's focus is to deliver first-time-right electronic designs with ease of manufacturability and various aspects of the industrial standards including ergonomics, environment, energy, safety, reliability, security, etc.

Our team of expert engineers have designed many high-speed digital, mixed signal products and extensively worked on certifications such as UL, CE, FCC, IEC-61000-4, 60601-1, 60950, etc.



Embien designs, develops and integrates embedded microprocessor and microcontroller based platforms that include real-time characteristics such as high reliability, reduced time and cost. The following are the services we offer:

  • Design and development for Custom Modules / Boards / SBC’s
  • Add–on card development for standard platforms such as: Raspberry Pi, Beagle boards etc.
  • Quick Prototyping Design Services
  • Customization of eStorm platforms
  • Low power and ultra low power designs
  • End-of-Life and cost-reduction redesign
  • Test fixtures for automated testing

Compact Hardware Design Services

With the ever-changing nature of the embedded industry, the development of a small form factor device continues to be a trend. Despite the evolution, IoT devices and wearables still remain limited by power as there is a huge requirement for power management and optimization. Batteries haven't progressed much but we at present are on the verge of a power revolution. Choosing the right components for product design will help achieve the above-mentioned constraints with ease.

At Embien, we look from the end-users perspective and anticipate the challenges that may emerge in the near future. We, as a team plan to take care of these challenges right from the initial stage of the design and development process. Our engineers are certified hardware experts who consider the concerns of the customer most significant. They take costing, identity with the brand, ease of manufacturability and time to market etc., as a part of the design process. We work proactively with our design team and overseas vendors to ensure a quicker turnaround time.

Designed Devices

Wearable devices Wrist and other body worn accessories
Portable Instrumentation Devices Digital Multimedia Accessories, Lux Meters, Clamp-on Testers, DC Precision Measuring etc.
BLE Beacons and Bluetooth Tags Air quality sensors, Vibration sensors
Asset Tracking devices Multi RF and GPS based indoor/outdoor tracker, RFID based tracker

Identify the right components & architecture for your hardware product design

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