Embedded OS porting and BSP development

Best Android/Linux kernel porting and board support package development services

Embedded OS porting and BSP development - An Overview

Modern embedded systems are expected to carry out several tasks within a stringent timeframe and offer system security, functionality, and performance. Of the many mechanisms available, using an operating system is one of the best ways to meet these requirements. However, porting an operating system to a new hardware design adds up to the design complexity, thereby increasing both the cost and time-to-market.

At Embien, we offer specialized embedded OS porting and BSP development services that ease porting of operating systems for custom hardware designs. We assist device manufacturers starting from choosing the right OS for their system hardware/application, bringing up the same in the shortest possible time, and running applications on it. Our team of experts holds profound experience and expertise in porting and board support package development for various OS like Android, Linux, WinCE, μClinux, QNX, μCOS, FreeRTOS, MQX, etc.

Embedded Os Porting and Bsp Development Overview

Embedded OS/Linux kernel porting - Embien Advantage



Our teams have in-depth understanding of underlying architectures such as ARM, RISC-V, X64, X86, PowerPC, SH and proprietary cores



Strategic alliances and working relationship with silicon vendors like Renesas, NXP, Nvidia, Texas Instruments, ST, Microchip etc.,



We have work on earliest to the latest versions of embedded OS & RTOS like Android, Linux, uCLinux, WinCE, FreeRTOS, uCOS, Azure RTOS, QNX etc



Expertise in cutting technologies including Asymmetric / Symmetrical Multiprocessing systems, Hypervisors and Virtualization

Board support package development

Our team has ported embedded OSs like Windows Embedded, Linux and Android on to new cores and processors that did not have earlier ports. We have also worked with various flavors of Linux distributions including Angstrom, Ubuntu, Debian, Redhat, Raspbian, OpenEmbedded etc. Post Linux kernel porting, we have created easy to deploy environments like Buildroot, Petalinux and Yocto.

Apart from the above-mentioned major OSes, we do have extensive experience in board support package development for following operating systems.

  • uCLinux
  • Real time OS - FreeRTOS, Azure RTOS, Vxworks, MQX, ITRON, uCOS-II, QNX and Proprietary RTOS
  • Proprietary multitasking scheduler for 8/16 micro controllers

Our team also works with leading Silicon vendors in enabling Evaluation Kits and Development Kits for their silicon to bring it to developers for faster adoption. In some cases, we are involved with SoC vendors at the early pre-silicon stage to help port Linux on to it. We also offer embedded Linux consulting services.

Board Support Package Development

Looking for experts to do Linux porting on ARM/RISC-V based boards and board support package development?Avail our embedded OS porting and BSP development services.

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