Embedded Software Services

We design, develop, test and deliver quality software including bare-metal Firmware, BSP’s, Device Drivers, Middleware, Protocol Stacks and Applications for high- tech embedded systems

Embedded Software Services – Why Us ?

Building innovative solutions backed with technical expertise and domain knowledge

Embedded systems have become ubiquitous in this modern world as they span across application verticals. Studies reveal that nearly 60 % of the product development costs go into software design. Designing a robust software requires profound experience & expertise, a quality development process and a stringent testing methodology.

Apart from offering turnkey product development services, Embien provides such a reliable embedded software development in the most efficient and cost – effective manner. We have strategic alliance partnerships and considerable experiences with major semiconductor vendors like NXP, NVIDIA, Texas Instruments, Renesas, Microchip, ST Microelectronics, MediaTek, Allwinner, Rockchip, Silicon Labs, etc. Our team of expert engineers hold in-depth knowledge in working with various bare metal and operating system-based designs. With deep domain expertise and process-oriented approach, we have developed various applications for IoT, automotive, industrial automation, defence, consumer electronics and other high-tech industries.

Our Services

Embedded OS and BSP Development

We port operating systems and offer board support packages for custom hardware Read more..

Middleware and Custom API Development

Our offerings for hardware-agnostic and cross-platform designs for reduced software development costs Read more..

Firmware and Device Driver Development

Quality development services for bare metal firmware and OS based device drivers. Read more..

Application and UI / UX Development

We develop user centric embedded device applications, PC based, mobile apps etc., Read more..

Multimedia enabled Systems

Leverage our decades of experience with multimedia applications on embedded systems Read more..

Mac – OS Development

Our extensive experience in developing custom device drivers and applications for Mac OS Read more..

Embedded Software Development Services

Embien holds decades of collective experience working with a range of platforms from the lowest 8-bit microcontrollers to the powerful 64-bit cores, including single core/ multi – core microprocessor variants. Our team of software developers specialize in designing fully customized architectures for your embedded systems. Our portfolio includes embedded firmware that runs on both basic non – OS programs as well as on full – fledged operating systems like Linux, Android, WinCE, QNX etc.,

With deep domain expertise, we provide software development that facilitates complete customization and optimization of system software. We can help you in full stack development spanning from the underlying device drivers to the top most applications.

Our engineers can work in multiple development models – both on site and off shore, and at times a mix of both - providing a flexible engagement models for customers across geographies and time-zones.

Apart from this, we offer training on knowledge and technology transfer to enable customers to continue with handling product lifecycles on their own. Our quality service and timely release are factors that set us apart from other embedded software service providers.


Embedded Software Testing and Quality Assurance Services

It is necessary to verify and validate the quality and performance of the embedded software deployed in a system. Making use of tools like static source code analysers, debuggers & profilers aid in discovering defects that may result in resource leaks, performance hits, and security breaches. We ensure embedded software code quality by following coding standards like MISRA and using static code analysis tools way before the program is run on the target.

Apart from this, it is paramount to test the functionality and reliability of the system. Being worked on various applications related to healthcare, industrial automation, aviation, etc., Embien has developed a trove of test cases powered by an indigenously developed testing system. This serves as the litmus test for any product being developed.

At Embien, we help enterprises improve the reliability and resilience of their testing and automation processes. Working as a standalone/ extension unit of their team, we provide a comprehensive suite of testing services across a variety of functional aspects, backed by our custom testing framework. Our team of experts are well versed in CI/CD process tools such as Bamboo, Jenkins etc.,

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