Embedded Systems Security Services

In the present-day scenario, cybersecurity has become an important aspect as it is needed to protect systems, networks, sensitive information and confidential data from unauthorized access and attacks. Recent studies reveal that IoT related cybercrime damages may exceed a staggering of $8 trillion by the end of 2025. To lower the increasing menace, technological firms, banking sectors, healthcare units and various government agencies have begun to invest in Edge-to-Edge Cyber Security to safeguard their business process & practices.

At Embien, our Embedded Systems Security Services team has helped customers create secure products with edge-to-edge cyber security that stands the test of time.

Embedded System Security Services

Embedded Systems Security Services Offerings

electronic design

Secure Boot for Embedded Systems

With our support in enabling Secure Boot for Embedded Systems, you can ensure that your product is running the authorized firmware and establish a chain of trust that serves as the foundation for other security operations.

software design

Secure Remote Firmware Updates

We help keep your product updated with latest features and patches with our Secure Remote Firmware Updates support - either incrementally or completely - providing you a distinct advantage over competition.

mechanical engineering

IoT Security and Data Protection

Safeguard the data collected at the edge against tampering and transfer them to your server in a secure way in compliance with various regulations and standards with Embien's IoT Security and Data Protection services.

optical engineering

Security Audit and OS Hardening

Embien's Security Audit and OS Hardening team can help perform Security audit and threat analysis for your embedded device and fix vulnerabilities, reduce the attack vector and train you to adopt security-centered development.

Looking to increase your Embedded Systems Security and Internet of Things security?Take advantage of our embedded device security consulting services today!

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