Embedded Systems Testing Services

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Embedded Systems Testing Services Offerings

Being a core embedded systems development company, Embien has an unique advantage of having a well-experienced in house QA team who have been supporting all our development activities since the beginning. With an in-depth understanding of how embedded systems work and how the hardware and software come together to create the end product, we can validate all aspects of the system. Our embedded hardware testing and embedded software testing services offerings help include extensive testing at every stage of the product development life cycle, from system and high-level design to unit and integration testing.

We also have multiple test Jigs that are specifically created for embedded systems. But connecting the Device Under Tests (DUTs) the testing can be automated with the help of our home-grown TestBot automated testing framework. With our vast library of test scripts, practically all the interfaces can be validated without writing a new one. The DUTs can also be manipulated physically using mechanical systems and checked for expected response.

Embedded Systems Testing Services

Embedded Hardware Testing Capabilities


Interfaces Testing

  • CAN
  • SPI/I2C
  • UART/RS232/RS482
  • USB
  • Analog/Digital IO


Peripheral Functionality

  • Audio Input/Output
  • Video/Display
  • Camera
  • IMU/Sensors
  • Network Connectivity


Industrial Protocols

  • BACnet MSTP/IP
  • Modbus RTU/Modbus TCP
  • Ethernet/IP
  • DeviceNet
  • Profibus/ProfiNet


Automotive Testing

  • Automotive Ethernet
  • UDS, DoCAN, DoIP
  • SOME/IP, J1939
  • Cluster Validation
  • Telematics

Safety-Critical Embedded Software Testing Services

For many of the Safety-Critical applications, apart from embedded hardware testing of electronic devices, the associated firmware must be validated critically to meet the safety and security certification standards. Having worked in many life-critical industries such as Automotive, Medical Engineering, Industrial Automation and Fire and Safety services, we have proven credentials in embedded software testing services.

Our highly specialized quality assurance team ensures the safety, security, reliability, and performance of embedded applications by testing at multiple levels.

  • Unit Testing
  • Memory Utilization
  • Code Coverage
  • API Testing
  • UI Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Regression Testing

Our QA experts have been consistently adapting to newer testing methodologies and functional knowledge adding significant value to the embedded system development.

Embedded Software Testing Services

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