eStorm – B1 Automotive Ready BLE Module

Embien offers an eStorm-B1 – automotive ready BLE v4.2 complaint wireless module, powered by NXP KW31Z/NXP KW36A semiconductors. It includes highly integrated SoC ‘s that enable ultra-low-power operation without compromising on radio performance. eStorm-B1 module is best suited for BLE based IoT device development where low power consumption and small form factor is of more concern. As a pre-qualified module, it enables rapid product developments in industrial, consumer and automotive sectors.
  • ARM Cortex – M0+ Core
Flash Memory
  • Flash memory - 512KB
  • SRAM- 128KB
  • Two simultaneous connections in hardware
    (master-slave, master-master, slave-slave)
Hardware Accelerator
  • AES-128 hardware accelerator
Embedded Crystals
  • Embedded 32MHz and 32.768KHz crystals
Form factor
  • 12mm x 7mm
Power Consumption
  • Ultra low power consumption
Air Data Rate
  • Air Data Rate- 1Mbps
  • On board wire antenna
BLE Version
  • 2400 to 2483.5 MHz BLE version 4.2 complaint
Operating Voltage
  • 1.71V to 3.6V
33 Pin Interface Supports
  • I2C interface
  • UART interface with hardware flow control
  • SPI interface
  • CAN interface (available only in automotive grade module)
  • LIN interface (available only in automotive grade module)
  • Timers / PWM
  • Single ended analog inputs
  • One Differential analog input
  • GPIOz
  • DC input supply
  • SWD debug interface
Mounting Interfaces
  • Both Hole and surface mount interfaces are available
External PCB antenna
  • External PCB antenna available for interface support
    (for all wide range applications)
RF Circuitry
  • Inbuilt RF circuitry with impedance matching components
    for optimal radio performance
Block Diagram
Ordering Info

eStorm-B1 integrates a Bluetooth LE radio, controller, protocol stack and profile software on a single chip, providing a flexible and easy to use Bluetooth LE SoC solution. It also has a high-performance MCU and an on-chip memory that support users to develop a single-chip wireless MCU solution. It enables long life in battery-operated systems while maintaining excellent RF performance. This module is used in Bluetooth smart applications such as: sports and fitness, human interface devices, and app-enabled smart accessories.

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