eStorm – B1 Automotive Ready BLE Module

eStorm – B1 Automotive Ready BLE Module - An Overview

Embien offers an eStorm-B1 – automotive ready BLE v4.2 complaint wireless module, powered by NXP KW31Z/NXP KW36A semiconductors. It includes highly integrated SoC ‘s that enable ultra-low-power operation without compromising on radio performance. eStorm-B1 module is best suited for BLE based IoT device development where low power consumption and small form factor is of more concern. As a pre-qualified module, it enables rapid product developments in industrial, consumer and automotive sectors.



ARM Cortex – M0+ Core

Flash Memory

  • Flash memory - 512KB
  • SRAM- 128KB
  • Hardware

    Parallel – RGB x1 16 bit


    Two simultaneous connections in hardware (master-slave, master-master, slave-slave)

    Hardware Accelerator

    AES-128 hardware accelerator

    Embedded Crystals

    Embedded 32MHz and 32.768KHz crystals

    Form factor

    12mm x 7mm

    Power Consumption

    Ultra low power consumption

    Air Data Rate

    Air Data Rate- 1Mbps


    On board wire antenna

    BLE Version

    2400 to 2483.5 MHz BLE version 4.2 complaint

    Operating Voltage

    1.71V to 3.6V

    33 Pin Interface Supports

  • I2C interface
  • UART interface with hardware flow control
  • SPI interface
  • CAN interface (available only in automotive grade module)
  • LIN interface (available only in automotive grade module)
  • Timers / PWM
  • Single ended analog inputs
  • One Differential analog input
  • GPIOz
  • DC input supply
  • SWD debug interface
  • Mounting Interfaces

    Both Hole and surface mount interfaces are available

    External PCB Antenna

    External PCB antenna available for interface support (for all wide range applications)

    RF Circuitry

    Inbuilt RF circuitry with impedance matching components for optimal radio performance

    Software Support

  • LINUX- Kernel 4.1.15 YOCTO
  • Android - Upon Request
  • Ubuntu - 18.04
  • USB

    SPI, I2C


    AM335x SoM - MIREA NET

    AM335x SoM - MIREA NET

    Application Areas

    Industrial | Medical | Automation



    NOVA with iMX6QUAD 1GHz,2GB/4GB,LAN,0°C-70°C



    NOVA with iMX6Dual1GHz,1GB/4GB,LAN,0°C-70°C



    NOVA with iMX6DualLite1GHz,2GB/4GB,LAN,0°C-70°C



    NOVA with iMX6DualLite1GHz,1GB/4GB,LAN,0°C-70°C


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