eStorm-C2 Instrument Cluster Development Kit

eStorm-C2 Instrument Cluster Development Kit- An Overview

eStorm-C2 is a powerful development platform from Embien, best suited for automotive instrument cluster developments. It is equipped with Renesas’s RH850 microcontroller which is an industry leading controller for achieving cluster connectivities and graphic interface. eStorm-C2 is an outcome of Embien’s decade of design expertise in designing and developing automotive grade instrument cluster. Together with Embien’s Sparklet GUI library, eStorm-C2 can be an all-in-one platform for your automotive instrument cluster prototyping.



  • Operates on Renesas RH850/D1M1A automotive micro-controller
  • 240MHz GPU core
  • Internal 4MB code flash and 512KB SRAM
  • Memory

  • x2 32MB external NOR Flash
  • x1 32MB external SDRAM
  • Connectivity

  • x2 Automotive, AEC-Q100 qualified CAN Transceivers
  • x1 Onboard Wi-Fi/BLE module
  • Sensors

  • x1 onnboard AEC-Q100 qualified Ambient Light Sensor with I2C interface
  • x1 Low power RTC with I2C interface
  • Display

    Integrates 7” LCD display (800 X 480) with LVDS interface


  • Onboard connector for I2C based capacitive touch interface with interrupt capability
  • x2 Tell tale LEDs
  • x1 Onboard Piezo-electric buzzer
  • x1 Debug UART connector
  • x1 battery voltage sense circuit
  • Automotive Main Connector signals

  • x2 CAN
  • x2 active low digital inputs
  • 12V DC power input
  • Optional 3.3V DC output
  • x1 ignition switch input
  • Expansion connector

  • x3 active low digital input with input protection circuit
  • x2 timer input with input protection circuit
  • x3 analog input (Resistive input)
  • Power Input

  • Input Voltage: DC 8 to 36V
  • Operating Current: >= 700mA
  • Software Support

  • LINUX- Kernel 4.1.15 YOCTO
  • Android - Upon Request
  • Ubuntu - 18.04
  • USB

    SPI, I2C


    AM335x SoM - MIREA NET

    AM335x SoM - MIREA NET

    Application Areas

    Industrial | Medical | Automation



    NOVA with iMX6QUAD 1GHz,2GB/4GB,LAN,0°C-70°C



    NOVA with iMX6Dual1GHz,1GB/4GB,LAN,0°C-70°C



    NOVA with iMX6DualLite1GHz,2GB/4GB,LAN,0°C-70°C



    NOVA with iMX6DualLite1GHz,1GB/4GB,LAN,0°C-70°C


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