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Embedded systems are powered by powerful and flexible MCUs/MPUS that offer numerous possibilities when it comes to configuration. It is possible to set functionality of a single port pin to one of many options available and associate functional modules to them based on the setup. On top of it, any one or multiple application modules can be run. Flint System Configurator, as an intuitive embedded systems IDE, provides the user with the ability to configure each of these and with ease.

With a standard and well-defined interface model and platform-based design for embedded systems, the applications configured for one embedded system can be run on another with very less effort. API functions are available in case the user wants to manage the system with their own logic.

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Embedded system configuration options

Flint System configurator has numerous settings each dedicated for the underlying peripherals as listed below using which the embedded system configuration can be done at a fine level of control

Flint CAN Interface Configurator - CAN interfaces available in the system can be configured with the embedded systems IDE.

Flint UDS Configurator- UDS server and client can be configured with convenience of mouse.

Flint CAN IVN Configurator- Import DBC files and handle signals and do all programming without coding

Flint Modbus Server Configurator- Perform embedded system configuration and Modbus server configuration with ease.

Flint Modbus Client Configurator- Realize Modbus clients with our platform-based design for embedded systems

Want to do platform-based design for embedded systems configuration?
Try our Flint System Configurator - Embedded systems IDE now

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