Flint UI Designer

Flint UI Designer, a PC based graphics design tool, allows users to create complete and compelling UI applications for resource constrained systems without even writing a single line of code.

Trusted by OEMs in Automotive, Industrial and Medical domains, Flint can help realize your UI applications faster.


Flint UI Designer is a PC based GUI designer tool with intuitive interface and simple configurations which enables user to develop complete 2D/3D GUI applications without manual coding. This makes development faster and helps to review the designs on the PC platform. UI designers can import assets such as images, fonts etc from Adobe Photoshop, Blender, etc and integrate them to the GUI application with ease.

While the UI application flow can be created using standard UML based design methodology, the business logic can be created independently. The UI components can be updated via simple C APIs and user interactions reported via few callbacks.

Instrument panels, Industrial HMIs, Instrument Clusters, Head-up displays, infotainment systems and wearables can be created with the convenience of Flint UI designer.

Key Features of Flint UI Designer

Standard widgets Library

Large collection of domain specific widgets available

Layered Approach for Rendering

Provides ability to composite every pixel as user wish

Seamless 2D, 2.5D and 3D

Creates dazzling UI in all the dimensions and depths

Write Anywhere and Run Everywhere

Export to any target using Cross platform WYSIWYG Editor

UML Design Methodology

One of the best software development methodologies used

Flexible Assets handling

Import different formats and types of images and fonts!

Animations and Effects

Lively UI with effects, transitions and precise control

Unicode and Multilingual support

See the graphics in your language of choice

Screen Mirroring and Camera

Integrated support for mirroring and camera handling

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