Graphical Development Environment for Embedded Systems

With time to market in focus, Embien has come up with the Flint Visual programmer. This low-code Graphical Development Environment for Embedded Systems enables the developers to design and develop complete embedded applications without writing a single line of code. Available in a diagrammatic approach, all the necessary business logic and operations can be performed using Graphical Programming with a very intuitive visual editor.

Flint Visual programmer allows developers to create the underlying model based design for embedded control and logic using visual blocks of operations such as logical & arithmetic operations, complex data processing and filters, buffer management etc. Block-wise representation of the system using Graphical Programming is possible with which the hardware and peripheral interfaces can be configured. Finally, the protocol stacks like Modbus, UDS, Ethernet/IP can also be configured using simple and intuitive editors.


Graphical Programming for Embedded System - Technology

The configuration, thus generated, when built, is converted to a platform-agnostic binary format. This resultant file can be programmed on to the target using the tool of choice. The target running RAPIDSEA runtime engine (RTE) consumes the binary and the functionalities are dynamically created and run as per the design.

As the build output is architecture independent, the same can be run on any target platform for which the RAPIDSEA RTE port is available. It is even possible to simulate the whole project in the PC before running on the end-device.

Want a low code tool to develop a model based design for embedded control?
Get the Flint Graphical Development Environment for Embedded Systems now.

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