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FPGA Design Services – An Overview

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Emerging of complex SoC technologies and trends of companies targeting their core competencies lead to an increase in the need for FPGA design service providers who keep up-to-date with the latest tools and methodologies. Embien, being a proponent of FPGA based design services assists its customers in all phases of the FPGA development life cycle understanding the advantage of flexible user programmability that an FPGA can offer.

Embien's software-defined FPGA design services are characterized to deliver end-to-end system integration solutions from research, design, development to testing for any type of design requirements. We have worked on challenging projects on all leading FPGA platforms that involve Multi-million gate designs, multi-clock domain, and hybrid design implementations.



Xilinx (Zynq, Kintex, Virtex, Artix Spartan), Altera (Cyclone, Arria, Stratix, MAX), Cypress, Actel etc.,


PCI- Genx, HDMI, Dphy, Mphy, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, SRAM, DDRx, USB, UART, I2C, SPI, ADC, DAC, Gigabit Ethernet

Verification Methods

Functional Simulation, Fabrication Dependent Verification, Assertion Driven, Coverage Driven, Regression Automation etc.,

EDA Tools

Modelism, Synplify, Xilinx ISE/XST, Altera Quartus I and II, Mentor Graphics, Libero, Active HDL etc.,

FPGA/CPLD Logic Design and FPGA Prototyping

Prompted by the development of new types of sophisticated field-programmable devices (FPD’s), the process of designing digital hardware has changed dramatically over the years. Parallelism, efficient routing, on-chip logic usage, IP integration, IO utilization are some critical points to be taken in to account during design. This is achieved only with dedicated effort backed by many years of design experience. With our diversely skilled FPGA design team we can bring wide FPGA development expertise to projects in various domains specifically in defense sectors.

Embien's FPGA based prototyping solution improves the time-to-market and helps avoid costly device re-spins by enabling early embedded software development. We are the best bet for your IP core development and integration needs. Our test benches and simulation environments thoroughly validates the design before delivery and are integral part of our release cycle.



With our well-designed, documented and efficient RTL coding techniques, we have created the following:

  • Powerful Digital Signal Processing
  • HD Video and Image processing designs that involved Audio/ Video Codecs
  • Transcoding colour space conversions
  • Blending
  • Interlacing
  • De–interlacing
  • DMA powered on the fly conversions for latency and throughput requirements, especially for video streaming applications.

FPGA Hardware Design Services

In addition to fully integrated FPGA based prototyping solution, Embien offers specialized standalone FPGA based design & FPGA augmented SoC-based design services that include a multitude of interfaces and technologies.

Our past designs have included soft core processors like Nios II, Microblaze, OpenRISC, etc and hard processors like multi-core ARM Cortex, PowerPC, etc. Our embedded software development team has supported in bringing up operating systems like Linux and develops drivers for these custom devices. We have even developed applications on the top to manage like OpenGL, QT, Android Apps, etc. Some designs done includes Custom PCIe cards, Optical projectors, EOFCS systems, video acquisition and video processing cards, data encryption cards, etc.

We also have a large network of external partners to augment manpower specialized in creating reliable FPGA hardware designs. Our FPGA design services team will be your ally and make your journey a cakewalk.


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